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Wayne Lai Plays Zhu Ba Jie Again After 24 Years, Netizens Say He Seems To Have Not Aged At All

Playing the porcine deity in TVB's 1996 adaptation of Journey To The West propelled the now 58-year-old actor out of obscurity.


There’s been countless adaptations of the classic Chinese novel Journey To The West over the years, but we reckon that most would be familiar with Hong Kong broadcaster TVB’s 1996 adaptation.

Can you believe this was 24 years ago?!

The drama saw Hong Kong actors Dicky Cheung as Sun Wukong, Kwong Wah as Tang Sanzang, Evergreen Mak as Sha Wujing, and Wayne Lai as Zhu Ba Jie, or Pigsy,

Though Wayne would only make it big years later, thanks to his career-making role in Rosy Business, Journey To The West was pivotal for the actor, who’d joined showbiz in 1986.

He would later reprise his role as Zhu Ba Jie two years later in 1998, for the drama's sequel.

Still the same old Pigsy.

And now, some 24 years later, Wayne has once again reprised his role as Zhu Ba Jie. This time round, the actor will be appearing in a Chinese web movie based on Journey To The West, titled Marble Mountains.

The movie was posted online on iQiyi on September 23, with Wayne sharing a poster featuring him dressed as Zhu Ba Jie on his Weibo a day prior to the movie’s release.

Now, we’re not sure if it’s the power of post-editing, or just good genes, but Wayne really doesn’t seemed to have aged a day since he last played the porcine character.

Say hello to Pigsy once more.

Fans of Wayne who caught the movie online also shared their reviews online, noting that seeing Wayne play Zhu Ba Jie again felt like a major throwback.

Additionally, among the many classic lines uttered by the fun-loving and slovenly diety, one particular line stood out.

Roughly translated to “Since the olden times, this tender affection has often ended in regret”, this line was mentioned by a couple of netizens in their reviews.

They noted that there was practically no difference in Wayne’s looks when they compared screenshots of Wayne acting out that line in the ‘90s and today.

Some things never change.

Catch Wayne in Rosy Business on meWATCH here. The first episode is embedded below.

Photos: Wayne Lai/Weibo, hk01



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