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Wang Leehom, Lee Jinglei Delete All Social Media Posts Related To Their Ugly Split To “Protect" Their Kids

But hasn’t the damage been done already?

Wang Leehom, Lee Jinglei Delete All Social Media Posts Related To Their Ugly Split To “Protect" Their Kids

On July 26, both Wang Leehom, 46, and Lee Jinglei, 33, took to their respective Weibo accounts to announce that they will be deleting a majority of posts related to their divorce.

The sordid and messy details of their relationship were first publicised in December last year, after Jinglei took to social media with a damning testimony of Leehom’s alleged wrongdoings.

What followed was essentially free-for-all mudslinging, and both parties ended up emerging scarred from the debacle.

Jinglei and Leehom tied the knot in 2013, and have three kids together, aged eight, six, and three. They are currently embroiled in a court battle over custody of their kids.

Leehom, Jinglei, and their kids.

According to Jinglei’s statement, which she first released through her lawyer, she will be deleting all social media posts related to their divorce, in order to respect the suggestions made by Taiwan’s Department of Social Welfare, as well as child-welfare experts.

The statement also implored for Leehom to do the same, and delete all statements and posts that might damage the privacy of their kids, as well as to cease providing similar information to the media.

Leehom appeared to have no issue with this, and issued a statement through his work studio, revealing that he decided to delete all posts regarding their divorce after receiving a letter from Taiwan’s Department of Social Welfare.

He shared that he does not wish for his kids to be able to witness the dispute between their parents on social media when they grow older.

Before everything fell to bits.

In a separate statement, Leehom’s manager added that the star has seen multiple instances of people sharing details of their personal disputes online, in an attempt to get the public to confer a verdict. However, he feels that such instances of “cyber violence" are a bad example.

Therefore, his decision to delete his posts are not just an attempt to protect the privacy of his kids, but also an indicator of his trust in the judicial system, as he believes that justice will prevail.

All of Leehom’s evidence will thus be transferred to the courts for their perusal. He also hopes that there will not be any instances of similar events, where the ‘court of public opinion’ is allowed to pass down a verdict when it comes to cases involving celebs.

Leehom and Jinglei's Weibo announcements.

However, it seems like Jinglei’s friend has a bone to pick with Leehom's words.

When contacted for a comment, said friend argued that public figures, who enjoy the love and goodwill of the public, and thus gain a large amount of influence, deserve to have their actions subjected to the scrutiny of the public.

They added that the true definition of “cyber violence”, as mentioned by Leehom, refers to "the use of one’s influence and media connections to broadcast fake news and manipulate the opinion of the public, to mobilise the power of netizens to bully housewives who have no resources available to help themselves”.

Well, looks like the feud between the ex-couple is still raging on.

Photos: Wang Leehom/Weibo, Lee Jinglei/Weibo



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