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Wang Leehom Gets Emotional Performing To A Full House At Comeback Concert In Las Vegas

The Mandopop star, who was forced to keep a low profile after his divorce scandal, thought he would not be able to perform for his fans again.

Wang Leehom Gets Emotional Performing To A Full House At Comeback Concert In Las Vegas

Looks like all those worries that no one would want to watch Wang Leehom sing were unfounded.

The Mandopop star performed to a full house at his comeback One: Lee Hom Wang concert in Las Vegas last week.

This the singer’s first public appearance after his messy divorce scandal with ex-wife Lee Jinglei in December 2021.
Unwavering support from fans

Though the venue, a theatre at Resorts World Las Vegas, which seats about 4,700 people, is a far cry from Leehon's past stadium concerts, where audiences numbered in the tens of thousands, fans were excited to see the singer on stage again.

According to videos posted by fans, the venue was completely sold out. Leehom’s parents, younger brother and sister-in-law were also spotted in the audience.

Leehom, 46, who now sports shoulder-length hair, opened the show with ‘You’re Not Here’ to screams from the crowd.

After performing the song, Leehom got emotional, tearing up as he took a bow to thank his fans for their support.

"I have thought about whether we would meet again if I were to perform again. There will always be falls in life, sometimes lightly and sometimes hard. The past year has not been easy for many people, right? Just like for me last year... it wasn't easy,” he said.

"If life can be changed, fortunately or unfortunately, I accept it with humility. Sometimes every road we face may be wrong, but we try to make it right and take the first step,” he added.

“Thank you for being here.”

Glad to be back on stage

Besides his hits, he also performed two new songs, ‘One’, inspired by a bible verse which he said gives him strength, and ‘Xiang Jian Jiu Neng Xiang Jian', which can be translated as ‘Meet Whenever We Want’.

Written for his three kids, daughters Jiali, eight, Jiana, six, and son Jiayao, four, who live with Jinglei, the song is about how he misses them dearly and hopes they can meet each other when they want.

Showbiz comeback draws mixed reactions

Leehom’s showbiz comeback has become a trending topic on Weibo.

While fans were thrilled at his comeback and praised him for his “sincerity”, some netizens questioned the double standards of the society towards disgraced male and female stars.

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