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Wallace Huo shuts down social media accounts amid acting criticisms

The actor had been facing a barrage of criticism for his ‘sub-par acting skills’

Wallace Huo shuts down social media accounts amid acting criticisms

Taiwanese actor Wallace Huo’s rise to fame has been a bumpy one - the actor was often criticised for his ‘ unprofessionalism' early on in his career, after it was revealed that he used to recite numbers instead of his lines.

However, the misunderstanding was soon resolved, with the director of the drama coming forward to clarify that he had asked the actor to do so due to a lack of time. The controversy was brought up again recently after netizens unearthed an old video of Chinese actor Hu Ge talking about the incident.

Since then, it seems that that the inter-webs have yet to calm down. Wallace, who does not have any public social media accounts, announced on his work studio’s Facebook and Weibo accounts that he will be shutting down both accounts yesterday.

“From today onwards, (I) only wish to communicate with everyone using the purest method (which is through my acting and work projects),” he wrote, before going on to thank his fans for their support. “Wishing everyone a beautiful life! Thank you,” he wrote.

At press time, he has disabled comments for his work studio’s Weibo account.

Wallace as Qian Long Emperor in Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace

The move came as a surprise to his fans, as this effectively leaves them without a form of communication with the actor. A couple also worried that this move might signify that the actor is now ready to move on from life in the spotlight, while some other wished the 38-year-old well.

It is said that one of the reasons behind the actor’s decision to close down his work studio’s social media accounts might be due to the constant criticism and comparisons that have been raining down on the actor of late.

There has been a lot of attention about his acting skills - or lack thereof, especially with Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace, in which he stars with Chinese actress Zhou Xun, currently airing. Wallace once shared in an interview that he did not want to take on the role of Qian Long Emperor as he was afraid he could not "keep up" with Zhou Xun.

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