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Wallace Huo recites ‘12345’ for his lines in 'Chinese Paladin 3'

According to Hu Ge, this was how Wallace Huo earned himself the nickname of ‘Mr Numbers’ in showbiz

Wallace Huo recites ‘12345’ for his lines in 'Chinese Paladin 3'

Wallace Huo and Hu Ge in Chinese Paladin 3.

An old interview video of Hu Ge was resurfaced recently by netizens after the topic about actors reciting numbers instead of their lines when they’re filming was brought up.

One such famous actor who used to do that was said to be Wallace Huo, according to his buddy Hu Ge.

In the interview video, Hu Ge shared a funny tidbit about his Chinese Paladin 3 co-star and revealed that he had recited numbers instead of his lines when he was filming some scenes in the show.

According to Hu Ge, Wallace’s character, Xu Changqing, was often required to recite chunks of literary prose. However, as both of them filmed their scenes separately most of the time, he didn’t know about Wallace’s script-reading habits until he entered the recording studio to dub his scenes.

Wallace’s unprofessionalism was questioned when this piece of news was brought to light a few years ago, however the actor has proved himself as a competent actor over the years.

Netizens also found out that Chinese Paladin 3’s director personally debunked rumours about Wallace’s unprofessionalism after Hu Ge’s interview was aired. As the actors’ lines would be dubbed over during post production and because the production team was in a hurry to shoot the next few scenes, the director thought it was more efficient to get the actor recite “12345” instead and Wallace was instructed to “talk to the air” as it was a solo scene.

Wallace’s Ruyi Royal Love in the Palace co-star Jing Chao also shared another funny anecdote about the actor and his lines when they were working together on the palace series.

When they were filming a crying scene and Wallace reached an emotional climax, he suddenly forgot his lines. Wallace then promptly unearthed a page of script hidden in his boots and continued acting, reciting his lines, as he cried, said Jing Chao, who added that he and Zhou Xun were tickled pink when they saw what he did.

Jing Chao’s revelation was verified by Wallace who shared that he often forgot his lines during filming. He explained that he resorted to hiding his scripts in his boots as it was “inconvenient” for them to carry a script around on set. As the boots were high-cut boots worn by palace officials in Chinese dynasties, it was easy to hide and take out his script whenever he needed to refer to it.

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