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Wakin Chau, 60, Praised For Looking Young Next To His 31-Year-Old Son

One netizen even said that both men look the same age.

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Wakin Chau, 60, Praised For Looking Young Next To His 31-Year-Old Son

When Taiwanese singer Wakin Chau's son Andrew first entered showbiz, he was billed as the Caucasian version of Wakin because of how much they resemble each other. Andrew is the older of Wakin's two kids with his American wife Constance.

In recent years, however, that resemblance has somewhat diminished, especially after Andrew started growing out his facial hair.

Andrew turned 31 on June 9, and he posted a snap of him having wine with his 60-year-old dad on their rooftop garden. “Celebrating my birthday in a simple manner,” he wrote, adding that they are demonstrating how to "stop the spread of COVID-19".

Netizens took to the comments section to praise Wakin for looking much younger than he actually is, with some attributing his youthful appearance to his thick, jet-black hair. They also said his glasses made him look like a, um, "post-grad student".

Sadly, netizens didn't bestow on Andrew with such praise. Quite the opposite, actually.

The actor was criticised for “having so many wrinkles when he’s only half his dad’s age” and for “not looking after himself”.

One netizen even said that if he didn’t knew that Wakin and Wakin were father and son, she would have thought that the two men are similar in age.

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