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Is Vivian Dawson Dating One Of The BY2 Sisters?

‘Cos apparently friends can’t hang out with each other at convenience stores.

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Is Vivian Dawson Dating One Of The BY2 Sisters?

He broke up with Jolin Tsai just four months ago and it seems — if the Taiwanese paparazzi are to be believed — that Vivian Dawson, 32, has moved on. Apple Daily reported that the hunky New Zealander-Singaporean model was spotted out on a date with Miko Bai, 24, from Singaporean girl group BY2. A reader had spotted the pair “chatting happily” and “exchanging details on their mobile phones” on Monday (March 6) at a convenience store in Taipei. We’re not sure what constitutes as a date but from the pic the reader submitted, it looked like they were just playing with their phones while waiting for something… you know, like what friends do.

Vivian and Miko were snapped hanging out, or should we say, playing with their phones by an Apple Daily reader on Monday.

Vivian’s manager expressed surprise at the news, saying: “Vivian is single now. He is focusing on work. They probably know each other from the gym. I don’t interfere with who my artiste befriends.”
BY2’s record company Ocean Butterflies also denied the rumours: “[BY2] has known Vivian for a while. After recording a variety show, they went for a meal, then dance rehearsals where they bumped into Vivian. Miko then accompanied him to the supermarket to buy drinks. They’re only friends.”

It’s not the first time the love lives of BY2 sisters have made the news. Miko’s twin sister, Yumi, was rumoured to have dated casino tycoon Stanley Ho’s son, Mario, for a year but broke up after both reportedly accused each other of being unfaithful.

Photo: tpgnews/clickphotos, Apple Daily

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