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Vincent Ng Just Got Married To His Dream Woman Whom He Met In January

The happy groom tells us more about his bride who he is "so in love with".

Vincent Ng Just Got Married To His Dream Woman Whom He Met In January

Is July an auspicious month to get married or what?

Just look at the number of stars who’ve shared wedding news in the past two weeks – Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo, Jeremy Chan and Jesseca Liu, Seraph Sun, and now Vincent Ng.

The 41-year-old martial arts champ and former Ch 8 star tells us in an exclusive interview that he got hitched last week to the woman of his dreams whom he met through mutual friends in January. But while the very private Vincent declines to share more about his blushing bride, he lets on that she's called Mei Ling, is 38 years old and works in the shipping industry. And from the numerous photos he showed us of her, we think she's also pretty enough, with her bright eyes and dazzling smile, to be easily be mistaken for a star. In fact, Vincent tells us that some of his relatives and friends have commented that his wife bears a slight resemblance to Shu Qi.

After our story broke on Tuesday morning, local designer Alfie Leong, who designed the customised backless lace gown that Mei Ling wore during the solemnisation, posted this blissful photo of the couple on his Facebook page.

Photo credit: Alfie Leong Facebook

The happy couple threw a simple celebration for a hundred of their closest friends and immediate family members last Friday. It started off with a morning tea ceremony at the Resorts World Sentosa Beach Villas, followed by their marriage solemnisation and a lunch reception at celeb chef Sam Leong's Forest at Equarius Hotel. (FYI: Vincent currently lives in a rented apartment at Sentosa Cove but will be moving into a landed property next month.)

Let's dig in: The lunch menu consisted of deep fried mushrooms coated in wasabi with avocado and tomato, double boiled vegetarian clear soup, homemade spinach tofu, tossed Japanese somen and chilled coconut jello served with aloe vera and sea coconut.

“My wife’s mum requested for a vegetarian menu so I got chef Sam Leong to come up with a customised five-course lunch," says Vincent. "I’m very satisfied with the food as the guests all told us that they really enjoyed it.”

Flower power: The flowers that decorated the venue were specially arranged by NParks CIB ambassador, Mr Richard Ashworth, and his team, and included 21 different blooms including calla lilies, hydrangeas, baby’s breath and roses.

The Justice of the Peace (JP) who officiated the solemnisation was Mr Ng Ser Miang, 68, who's a member of the International Olympic Committee.

Vincent says: “I’ve known Mr Ng for a long time, since I was in the national Wushu team. He practically watched me grow up, and I felt honoured and happy to have him as my JP.”

Vincent adds that it was a small private celebration and that he "didn’t even invite my cousins". The only celebs at the shindig were Sora Ma, Zheng Geping, Tay Kewei and Alfred Sim, who performed Jacky Cheung's 'Love is Forever', which was also the same song Jeremy Chan sang when he got hitched to Jesseca Liu. Vincent quips: “I’m thinking of holding a bigger party sometime next year where I’ll invite more people including the celebs I’m close to (smiles).”

8 DAYS: Congrats on the good news! So how did you meet your wife?
VINCENT NG: Thank you! I’m very, very happy. I met my wife Mei Ling at a birthday barbecue party in January through some friends and we just clicked. She loves sports just like me, and she works out almost everyday, be it hitting the gym, jogging, or trekking. She’s 38 years old, and she works in the shipping industry. She’s mature, independent, well-organised and very pretty. I found out that she’s single, asked her out the next day, and we hung out every single day after that, either for lunch or dinner.

How did you know she’s The One?
It’s hard to answer this question because it’s not something that I can describe in a few words or sentences. I guess we are both at a stage in our lives where we know what we want and we really enjoy each other’s company. Our relationship developed very fast and I proposed to her in April. We are not young anymore, and I just want to say that I’m very blessed and lucky to have found the person whom I’m so in love with at my age, and I’m very proud of her (smiles).”

I'll walk with you: Vincent Ng and Mei Ling (right) on their trekking trip to Nepal in April. The newlyweds plan to go on trekking expeditions annually from now on.

How did you propose?
(Laughs) This is something very personal to me, so I’m not going to delve into details. We went on a trekking trip to Nepal in April, and I already knew I wanted to marry her. So I was contemplating if I should buy the ring and bring it there with me for the proposal. However, trekking in Nepal can be quite tough and tiring so I decided to propose in Singapore after we get back from the trip instead. I took her to a jewellery shop here and told her to choose a diamond ring (chuckles). She was really surprised because she thought I went there to buy a new watch. As for me, I was a little shy ‘cos I don’t really know much about rings and stuff. I'm not going to reveal how many carats the ring is but yeah, that’s how I proposed! (Smiles)

You met her only in January and got married last week. That’s less than six months of courtship.
Yes, I wanted to hold the wedding in December or early next year initially as I didn’t want it to be too rushed. However, my dad passed away in late April and according to Chinese tradition, we have to get married within 100 days or we would have to wait for three years. We had the Chinese tea ceremony and the solemnisation last week, and I’m planning to hold another celebration or party after this year, where I’ll invite a lot more people. I miss my dad a lot and I wish he was around to witness our blissful union.

Are you planning to have any kids soon?
I love kids a lot but I think I’ll leave such things to fate. There’s no need for any pressure! (Chuckles).


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