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Tracy Lee shares new wedding photos in tribute to late husband

“I wish I could hear you call me ‘wife’ one more time”

Tracy Lee shares new wedding photos in tribute to late husband

Photos: Instagram/Tracy Lee

After days of keeping her Instagram followers updated with happy photos from her trip to Jordan, Tracy Lee’s feed suddenly took an emotional turn this morning (May 9) as she penned a tribute to her late husband, Ben Goi.

In the post, which contains eight photos from her September 2017 wedding that are being made public for the very first time, the former actress and Star Search alumnus wrote in Chinese, “I don’t have a very good memory, but most of what I remember of you is good.”

“I can’t guarantee that my mouth will curve into a smile every time I think of you,” she continued. “After all, there are memories that are sweet and bitter, happy and sad, full of love and full of hate; but husband, I really miss you very much, and I wish I could hear you call me ‘wife’ one more time, and to feel you holding me tight again.”

“From now on, I can only rely on these memories to accompany me as I move forward. This has taught me that happiness is not having you by my side forever, but keeping you in my heart. I can be brave even if I’m all by myself.”

The 33-year-old then ended her caption with hashtags including “a memory that nobody can take away”, “thank you”, “meeting you was the most beautiful accident”, and “I chose you without any regrets”.

Tracy married Ben, the son of billionaire tycoon and “Popiah King” Sam Goi, in a star-studded ceremony on September 30, 2017. Two months later, she confirmed that she was expecting their first child, a boy nicknamed Ben Junior, whom she introduced to the world for the very first time on May 10 last year.

Sadly, Ben passed away earlier this year on February 3 after suffering a stroke that led to a brain haemorrhage. He was 43 years old.

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