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Tony Leung Ka-fai lives in a mini-zoo?

The actor’s family-of-four shares their home with nine animals, from a turtle to six dogs

Tony Leung Ka-fai lives in a mini-zoo?

Hong Kong actor Tony Leung Ka-fai’s daughter recently posted a series of family photos on her Instagram feed, revealing their gathering over the Lunar New Year holidays.

In the photos, what grabbed the attention of netizens was not the actor’s family, but rather, the animals that they were holding on to. The family-of-four, who are animal lovers, share their home with six dogs of various breeds and sizes, one rabbit, a cat, as well as a turtle.

The auspicious plum blossom tree in the background of their pictures also caught the eye of netizens, with many commenting on how spacious and tastefully decorated their Chinese-style living room is.

Some also pointed out how the turtle was obediently perched on Tony’s leg in the picture with the actor's wife, Hong Kong actress Jiang Jia Nian, and his twin daughters, Chloe and Nikki.

The second photo featured all their pets, as well as the addition of their friends and family, as well as their domestic helpers. “Helpers are family as well, this picture is so comforting, thank you,” a fan commented.

Tony tied the knot with Jia Nian in 1987, and the couple welcomed their twin daughters, Nikkie and Chloe in 1991.

Photos: PBE Media

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