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Tony Leung Says Winning An Oscar Is Not One Of His Goals

“If it happens, it happens,” said the 60-year-old actor.


Hong Kong actor Tony Leung, 60, leaves it up to fate when it comes to acting awards.

The actor recently made an appearance at a press event, where he shared that he’s really happy for his former co-star Michelle Yeoh’s recent win at the Oscars.

Tony said he’s still in contact with Michelle, and that she usually sends him a message after she wins an award.

Michelle with her Best Actress Oscar.

“This time round, she hasn’t contacted me yet, [but] I’ve sent a text message congratulating her,” Tony said.

Michelle and Tony first worked together on the 1993 Hong Kong wuxia movie, Butterfly And Sword. In 2021, they had an onscreen reunion in Marvel's Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings.

Tony's chill about awards.

But when asked if winning Best Actor at the Oscars is his goal, Tony had this very zen reply. 

“You have to leave it up to fate, I won’t deliberately plan for it. If it happens, it happens,” he said.

Tony added that he enjoys what he does as an actor, and has no intentions of branching into film production like Andy Lau, 61.

However, as much as he loves acting, Tony revealed that he's taking a year off to rest, and that he even declined an offer to star in an upcoming Netflix production.

Tony and Andy in The Goldfinger.

Tony also shared more about working together with Andy in their upcoming movie, The Goldfinger.

Though it’s been 20 years since they last worked together, Tony said that their chemistry is still there, and that Andy congratulated him on his recent Asian Film Awards Best Actor win.

Photos: Tony Leung/Instagram, Michelle Yeoh/Instagram, PBE Media



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