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Is there bad blood between Mickey Huang and Chris Wang?

The comedian goes out of his way to avoid going for the same events as Chris Wang

Is there bad blood between Mickey Huang and Chris Wang?

Is there animosity brewing between Taiwanese comedian-actor Mickey Huang and Chris Wang? Before Mickey is set to take the stage and host this year’s Breeze Night event today, insiders leaked that he almost “resigned from this position” as fellow Taiwanese actor Chris Wang was set to appear at the event too.

Said insider revealed that Mickey does not wish to appear on the same stage as Chris and reportedly told organisers that he was willing to “back off” from the hosting gig as he did not wish to bring them any inconveniences. The affable host, who recently did a cameo on Channel 8 TV series 118, did not wish to elaborate about their feud, saying, “It’s hard to explain, in short it’s a personal matter and he should be clear [about what happened].”

According to Mickey, before he and ex-girlfriend Dee Hsu resolved their 15-year feud with each other in 2015, the both of them had turned down invitations to appear at commercial events to avoid the other party. “Things happen when you’re in this line of business, it just so happens that [my relationship] with Dee Hsu was in the spotlight. This (the act of turning down events to avoid each other) is no big deal in the industry,” he said.

As Chris and Mickey have never collaborated before, work related issues were ruled out, leading to the next possibility: the two men fell out over Mickey’s girlfriend, Summer Meng.

Summer and Chris previously starred in the 2014 Taiwanese romantic-comedy television series Aim High as lovers where they had to film intimate scenes together. Rumour has it that sparks flew between Summer and Chris during filming and there was an occasion where he had touched her inappropriately when it turned out to be an accident by a fellow actress. However, midway through the drama production, Chris announced that he was expecting a baby with his manager and then-girlfriend and announced news of his impending marriage, quashing all rumours.

Chris’ manager spoke out regarding the issue and said that Chris would not be attending today’s event due to a schedule clash with another event. He also refuted claims that Chris and Summer were on bad terms and revealed that she had recorded a birthday message for Chris last year and there had been no problems with their friendship.

Summer had initially received the invitation for the event but turned it down as she did not wish for focus of the event to be on their relationship. She was also very confused when news broke that Mickey and Chris were on bad terms with each other because of her and had no idea what was happening.

Mickey and Summer have been dating since 2014, despite the 19-year age gap.

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