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Tavia Yeung Says She Wants To Go Back To Work ‘Cos It’s Too Tiring Being A Full-Time Mum

The mother-of-two thinks filming is a lot less taxing than taking care of her kids.

Tavia Yeung Says She Wants To Go Back To Work ‘Cos It’s Too Tiring Being A Full-Time Mum

Former TVB stars Tavia Yeung, 42 and Him Law, 37, surprised everyone last December when they announced that the birth of their second child, a boy, At that time, barely anyone knew that Tavia was even pregnant.

Since then, the actress has taken time away from the spotlight to take care of her six-month-old son and now two-year-old daughter Hera. However, if she has her way, she would want to go back to work ASAP.

Him and Tavia with their baby son

“Taking care of babies is really tiring! [It's] more tiring than filming,” said Tavia, who said that she only had a small celebration at home with her family for Mother's Day. 

“I started shooting Modern Dynasty six months after giving birth to my daughter, and I could no longer remember what it felt like staying up to take care of a newborn. Now the feelings are all back, even stronger than before” she added.

According to Tavia, her son is more difficult than Hera.

"He’s very active, has a huge appetite, and wakes up every night so we all haven’t been sleeping well," she said. "My husband is also 
currently filming, otherwise he would be able to help.”

Guess they are stopping at two, for now

When asked if they intend to have more children, Tavia shook her head and said: “Two is enough. I don’t think we would be having anymore kids. I discussed [this] with my husband, if we can make sure the next one would definitely be a daughter then we would have another child."

The actress added: “But these [things] are hard to say. At this moment, I wouldn't give birth anymore. It’s really too tiring.”

She wants to take a breather... by going back to work

Modern Dynasty also marked Tavia’s acting comeback after giving birth to her daughter, but fans who are looking forward to seeing the actress onscreen again soon would be sorely disappointed.

In fact, because of the arrival of her son, Tavia said she can only go back to work earliest next year.

"If it weren't for the pandemic, I would be working in China or performing overseas," lamented Tavia. "I need to make more money to buy milk powder, and to save more money to give my children a comfortable life. But because of the pandemic we would have to quarantine so it's not worth it."

She continued: "If there are good scripts, I would want to go out and film a drama, [so that] I can have a break and take a breather (laughs)."

Photos: Tavia Yeung/ Instagram

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