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Tanya Chua Shot Her Latest Music Video At Home

The Singaporean singer is definitely embracing this work-from-home arrangement.

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Tanya Chua Shot Her Latest Music Video At Home

We’re all pretty much used to working from home no thanks to COVID-19, but Tanya Chua took that to the next level by shooting her music video for 'Om Tara' ​​​​​​​in the comfort of her crib.

The Taiwan-based Singaporean singer took to Instagram on Tuesday (Jan 11), the same day the music video was released, to share the process of how everything came to be.

She wrote: “Some songs have a magical energy. I remember that I was writing multiple songs at the same time for my DEPART album when one day, I felt like a voice told me, ‘Stop. Write this song first.’”

“The phrase ‘Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha’ kept repeating in my head and I wrote the song at one go. After I finished it, I had a strange feeling; doubt? Why did I write such a song? I only realised later that it was perhaps written to pray for humankind. I’m just a messenger who is sharing the Green Tara with everyone through music. At least, that’s my opinion of the song.”

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