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Takuya Kimura’s Daughter Is Now 15 And Looks Like A Female Version Of Him

She is a model now.

Takuya Kimura’s Daughter Is Now 15 And Looks Like A Female Version Of Him

Takuya Kimura's daughter, Mitsuki, is now a model.

Since the ’90s, Japanese actor and former SMAP boyband member Takuya Kimura, now 45, has been making everyone swoon with his androgynous good looks.

And if you’re one of those who ever wondered what Kimutaku would look like as a girl, well, his daughter is the answer.

Takuya married Japanese singer Shizuka Kudo, now 48, in 2000, and the couple has two teenage daughters — Kokomi and Mitsuki, who are 17 and 15 respectively.

Mitsuki, who is nicknamed ‘Koki’, recently made headlines with her modelling debut as the cover girl for Elle Japan's July 2018 issue.

It’s a rare glimpse of Takuya’s kid; he and his wife are famously low-key about their family life.

As it turns out, Koki is a spitting image of her heartthrob dad, right down to the distinctive nose, olive skin and piercing gaze.

The Internet immediately had a meltdown over the uncanny resemblance. “That’s Takuya in drag right?” responded an incredulous netizen.

Despite being only 15, budding songwriter Koki has written a song for Japanese singer Mika Nakashima (who is her mother’s good friend), and helped her mum write three songs for her anniversary album.

The freshly-minted It girl also got on Instagram just over a week ago and has only four posts (all related to her Elle Japan cover shoot), but already has 605k followers and counting.

If you ask us, the elusive Kokomi should also

go into modelling, and the sisters could become Japan’s version of Gigi and Bella Hadid.

Ironically, their mum Shizuka Kudo has received flak online recently for her looks, with netizens pointing out her oddly bloated face that some speculate is the result of too much Botox. But hey, at least she snagged Takuya Kimura lor.

And the years have not exactly been kind to Takuya too, who now kinda reminds us of (gasp!) an auntie with his dated perm and a slight dad bod. Scroll through our photo gallery to take a look for yourself.

If anything, Kimutaku and Shizuka's good genes will live on in their daughters.



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