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Taiwanese TV Host Blackie Chen Looks Exactly Like His Late Dad

Now we know where the former athlete got his looks from.

Taiwanese TV Host Blackie Chen Looks Exactly Like His Late Dad

Nope, that's not Blackie on the right but his super swole dad in his youth.

Taiwanese actor-host Blackie Chen is also known for being a basketballer and sports personality, but what does an ultra-ripped version of him look like?

One only has to refer to his, um, father.

Blackie, 40, recently posted on Facebook an old #throwback photo of his dad and a family friend. In the snapshot, both men wore skimpy trunks which showed off their swole physiques.

According to Blackie, “An elder mailed me this photo a few days ago; he told me to keep it as a souvenir ’cos it’s a photo of him and my dad hard at work during training! I’ll definitely cherish this picture and let [my twin sons] Fei Fei and Xiang Xiang know that their grandfather was a strong man! Thank you Uncle Zhang…”

#Aww moment aside, netizens immediately pointed out that Blackie looks exactly like his old man. They are right. Blackie and his dad are basically mirror images of each other.

Blackie got hitched in 2011 to Taiwanese singer Christine Fan, who gave birth to their twin boys in 2015. The couple reportedly named their sons Ryan Chen Rui Xiang and River Chen Rui Fei (‘Fei’ and ‘Xiang’ jointly means ‘to soar’ in Mandarin) after Blackie’s dad, an air force officer who passed away when Blackie was 17.

The senior Chen had tragically perished in the China Airlines Flight 140 crash in 1994.

Blackie had opened up about his father’s death during several Taiwanese variety show interviews, and would reportedly tear up and get emotional each time the topic was brought up.

But the strong Chen genes live on in Blackie and his twins, who look, unsurprisingly, just like their dad too.

PHOTOS: Apple Daily Taiwan/ Weibo



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