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Taiwanese Singer Chao Chuan, 61, Just Got His Master’s Degree

He said the last time he had to burn the midnight oil was over 40 years ago.

Age is just a number for Taiwanese pop star Chao Chuan, 61, who is a believer of lifelong learning.

On Tuesday (Nov 22), the singer, best known for his hits like 'I Am Ugly But Tender' and 'I'm Just A Little Bird', took to Facebook to share that after three years, he has finally graduated with a master’s degree from National Taiwan Normal University.

Chao Chuan was enrolled in the Continuing Education Master's Program of Popular Music Studies and Industrial Applications.

“Thankful for all the good things music has brought me. I have graduated, I have graduated, I have graduated!" he posted along with pics of himself in his graduation gown.

He also updated his Weibo profile pic with this cool shot:

Rocking his graduation gown

Due to the pandemic, Chao Chuan’s graduation ceremony was a virtual one, but that did little to diminish his excitement.

“It was only after taking the graduation photos that I feel I have really graduated. I'm so happy! Thank you to my hardworking self! Thank you to my parents for being proud of me!” he said.

Chao Chuan shared in an interview that getting his master’s degree was a “dream come true” and an achievement as he is not someone who is good at studying.

"After more than 30 years, my highest education level has finally been upgraded to master's degree. It feels surreal. I feel very honoured to be able to walk on the campus like other students,” he said.

He was also proud that he did not waste his time during the pandemic and managed to accomplish something important in his life.

Looking back, he said the last two months of his programme were especially difficult as he worked on his thesis till around 3am every day.

"It has been more than 40 years since I had to burn the midnight oil. Before I finished my thesis, I had to show it to my supervisor to review it and this process went back and forth several times. It really takes patience and persistence,” he said.

So badass

Chao Chuan shared that he would like to dedicate his certificate to his parents who are both over 90.

And though they did not say anything when he showed them his graduation pic, he could tell from their expressions that they are proud of him.

"I hope that through this, they know that I have been working hard in life," he said, adding that he hopes to be the best role model for his three kids.

Photos: Chao Chuan/Facebook



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