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Taiwanese comedian Kang Kang welcomes 2nd child

The comedian is overjoyed at the arrival of his ‘past life’s lover’

Taiwanese comedian Kang Kang welcomes 2nd child

Taiwanese comedian Kang Kang (or Kang Ching-jung) and his wife, non-celebrity Zhang Jiapei, welcomed their second child yesterday (January 17). The May-December couple (Jiapei is 18 years younger than Kang Kang), tied the knot in 2011, and welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Matt the following year.

In August last year, Kang Kang, who will be turning 52 this year, announced that Jiapei was expecting their second child, a baby girl. Though the expected due date was January 20, the birth was eventually pushed forward.

Kang Kang shared that there was a political election happening on that day, in addition to a scheduled filming session for his show. Additionally, producer Kuo Chien-Hung and singer Lee Ya-Ping had also advised the couple to “schedule the birth for the morning of January 17th, as early as possible”.

Thus, after discussing the matter with his wife, the couple made the decision on undergo a C-section birth yesterday morning. Their baby girl, who weighed 2.95 kilograms and measured 51 centimetres in height, was then safely delivered yesterday.

The comedian also shared that they have been actively trying for a child after welcoming Matt in 2012. However, they suffered two early miscarriages, lowering the chances of a successful pregnancy for Jiapei. After that, they adopted a “we'll let fate decide if we’ll have a second child” mentality, and decided to stop actively trying for a child. Thus, the news of Jiapei’s second pregnancy was a welcome surprise for them.

Sharing that he is more or less “semi-retired” these days, Kang Kang laughed that he will now work extra hard, in order to earn money for his daughter.

Photos: PBE Media

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