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TVB Actor Sunny Tai, Who Once Said He Wants To Marry Charmaine Sheh, Just Tied The Knot With His Ex-Girlfriend

It took a scary health checkup to reunite Sunny with his ex. 


TVB actor Sunny Tai, 49, is now married.

The actor, who famously professed his love and admiration for his War And Beauty co-star, Charmaine Sheh, 46, announced the good news on May 11, revealing that he’s married — not to Charmaine— but his non-celeb girlfriend.

The actor shared that his other half works in the investment field, and that they actually dated for “five to six years” after first getting to know each other in 2011.

However, they broke up due to differences in their personalities. Sunny admitted that he did not know how to accommodate others back then, which caused a rift in their relationship.

So how did they get back together then? As it turns out, their reunion was due to a piece of bad news that Sunny had received after a health checkup.

Like something from a drama.

“My forearm started swelling all of a sudden, and it was still swollen after a few weeks. The orthopaedic surgeon asked me to go for an X-ray, as there was a chance that it might be a malignant lump, which might mean that I have bone cancer,” he recalled.

Sunny, who described himself as being cowardly, shared that his mental state immediately plummeted. He confided in both his mum and his ex-girlfriend. During the course of his conversation with his ex-girlfriend, the two of them joked that they should “hold a joyous event” to ward away the bad luck, laughing that they should “get married” if Sunny turned out to be fine. 

Thankfully, it was later discovered that the swelling in his forearm was just a normal injury. And so, Sunny and his girlfriend began preparations to get hitched for real.

Charmaine's flying solo and loving it

So what about Sunny’s crush on Charmaine? Well, according to the actor, it was just a joke that he played up for the cameras.

“The news regarding Charmaine was just for laughs, I’ve never fantasised about [marrying her]. It’s just that when the reporter asked if there was a female celeb whom I admire the most, I was closer to Charmaine at that time, we often worked together, and I really admire her,” he said.

He also laughed that his declaration that he would marry her once he “earns a lot of money” was basically an “irresponsible statement”.

Photos: Sunny Tai/Instagram, Charmaine Sheh/Instagram

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