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Sun Peng, Di Ying pull out all the stops for their son’s legal case in the US

The celebrity couple hired a second lawyer to represent the 18-year-old

Sun Peng, Di Ying pull out all the stops for their son’s legal case in the US
Legal proceedings for Taiwanese exchange student Sun An Tso’s case is said to be underway.The 18-year-old is the only child of Taiwanese actors Sun Peng and Di Ying, and he was
arrested in the US last week after he was suspected of planning a school attack.

According to Taiwan media reports, the couple is doing all they can to turn the case in An Tso’s favour, and has hired a second lawyer to represent him in court.

Besides Criminal Defense Attorney Robert Keller, they also hired renowned criminal lawyer Michael Kotik, and was said to have incurred high legal fees.

While Michael’s rates were not revealed, it was said that Robert charges about US$ 1,000 per hour (approximately S$ 1,313).

As the case is currently ongoing, Sun Peng and Di Ying shared that future media statements will be given with advice from their lawyers.

The two lawyers have also shared their statements with American television news channel, CBS News. They emphasised that An Tso just turned 18 in January, and has always appeared to others as a kind-hearted boy. They added that he did not break any laws previously and did not display signs of someone likely to unleash terror on the people around him.An Tso was jailed last week after US police received a tip-off from his school principal about his suspicious behaviour.While he claimed that he did not own a gun upon his arrest, he was later

found with a large stash of 1,600 bullets and a handmade gun in his possession, raising suspicion. The FBI has since stepped in for further investigations.

Sun Peng and Di Ying touched down in America on the night of March 30, and were said to have broken down when they visited An Tso in Pennsylvania Prison for the first time. They are set to make their second visit tomorrow (Apr 6), at noon.

Photos: PBE Media

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