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Summer Meng "overwhelmed" from wedding preparation

The bride-to-be has yet to find the perfect wedding dress although her wedding is four months away.

Summer Meng "overwhelmed" from wedding preparation

Celebrity couple Summer Meng and Mickey Huang’s upcoming nuptials have been mentioned many times in the past few months.

Previously, Mickey had shared that the couple intends to host 200 tables at their ceremony, which will take place in April 2020. However, as the date draws closer, the couple admitted that they’ve been having a little trouble deciding on various wedding-related details.

Luckily, these disagreements have not put a damper on their relationship, with Summer revealing that they usually settle arguments related to their wedding within 10 minutes.

Yesterday (Dec 16), Mickey shared more about their wedding planning, admitting that small arguments are common between couples, especially when it comes to such an important day.

“When Summer gets angry, she’d tend to say, ‘Let's just not hold a wedding ceremony’,” Mickey revealed, adding that he backs down immediately once Summer says that.

“She's really stubborn, so I’d let her calm down first (before continuing), after all, we’ve already paid the deposit for the hotel!” Mickey laughed. "She's feeling quite overwhelmed by the entire process."

The host also shared that Summer has yet to find the perfect wedding dress, revealing that it has proven especially hard for the actress as she does not usually wear skirts or dresses.

Mickey, who had accompanied Summer to a dress fitting once, shared that he intends to let her choose her dress herself with no restrictions on what she can or cannot wear. Summer has previously shared that she has gone dress shopping a number of times to no avail.

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