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Stefanie Sun And Her Younger Sister Look Like Twins

So much so that staff in a restaurant couldn’t tell who’s the real Stef.

Stefanie Sun And Her Younger Sister Look Like Twins
Stefanie Sun and her sister, Sun Ee Mei.

Stefanie Sun has a pretty distinctive gamine look, but she does have a doppelgänger: her younger sister, Sun Ee Mei.

Ee Mei is six years younger than the 39-year-old Mandopop queen, and reportedly works as a doctor at the dermatology department at Singapore General Hospital. They also have an elder sister, Sun Yee Kia, 42, who’s said to be the vice president at a local investment bank. The sisters are known to be very close, and Ee Mei and Yee Kia have both made appearances at Stef’s concerts.

Recently, Stef posted on social media an amusing anecdote from her lunch outing with Ee Mei. She shared: “Had lunch with my sister today. The staff asked, ‘Which one of you is Stefanie Sun?’ My sister had just stepped out to take a call at that moment, so I pointed to her.”

Stef Sun, a troll? Yup, we learn new things every day.

Netizens simply responded to her post: “You liar! Your sister is clearly [Taiwanese singer] Yoga Lin!” Scroll through the pics above to see the resemblance for yourself.

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