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Star Awards Returns In April With More Nominations In Each Category

Who made the cut?

Star Awards Returns In April With More Nominations In Each Category

After a one-year hiatus ( no thanks, COVID-19), the Star Awards is back, and bigger than ever before. This year, the awards will take place on April 18 and a total of 20 awards will be presented.

One new thing to look out for: Each category (apart from the popularity awards and the Best Entertainment Special Programme category) will now have seven nominations, up from the usual five. Since Star Awards 2020 didn’t happen (it will be combined with this year’s ceremony instead), the decision was made to increase the number of nominees for a large majority of award categories, to better reflect the number of eligible nominees.

Angeline Poh, Chief Customer & Corporate Development Officer of Mediacorp, says: “In recognition of the numerous quality productions and great performances by talented artistes over the last two years, we have made the decision to increase the number of eligible nominees to seven for most award categories. This ensures that all deserving productions and talents have a shot at competing for the coveted awards.”

There’s also the creation of the Best Radio Programme Award this year. The award is dedicated to honouring the best in local radio, and also coincides with the 85th anniversary of radio broadcasting in Singapore.

Star Awards 2021 will first kick off at 3.30pm on meWATCH, with a seven-hour live commentary marathon, where viewers will get exclusive peeks into backstage preparations, interviews with artistes, live streaming of the ceremony and more.

The Walk of Fame segment will start at 5pm before the main ceremony which the organisers promise to be a “new one-of-a-kind show” to be held at a yet to be revealed location.

So who got nominated this year? Scroll down to find out.

Best Actor
Chen Han Wei - Super Dad
Desmond Tan - All is Well – SG
Elvin Ng - All is Well – TW
Pierre Png - A Jungle Survivor
Qi Yuwu - A Quest to Heal
Romeo Tan - Happy Prince
Zhang Yao Dong - Daybreak

Best Actress
Carrie Wong - A Quest to Heal
Chen Li Ping - How Are You?
Felicia Chin - A Jungle Survivor
Kym Ng - My Guardian Angels
Rebecca Lim - A Jungle Survivor
Rui En - Hello From The Other Side
Zoe Tay - My Guardian Angels

Best Supporting Actor
Brandon Wong - Hello From The Other Side
Bryan Wong - A Quest to Heal
Chen Shu Cheng - Old is Gold
Darren Lim - While You Were Away
Guo Liang - A Jungle Survivor
Ian Fang - All is Well - SG
James Seah - C.L.I.F.5

Best Supporting Actress
Aileen Tan - Hello Miss Driver
Bonnie Loo - C.L.I.F.5
Chantalle Ng - Terror Within
Cynthia Koh - After the Stars
Kym Ng - Daybreak
Lin Mei Jiao - After the Stars
Lina Ng - Terror Within

Best Programme Host (Entertainment & Infotainment)
Cavin Soh - King of Culinary S2
Chen Han Wei - House Everything?
Guo Liang - The Destined One S2
Kym Ng - Ah Gong Can Cook
Quan Yi Fong - Hear U Out
Quan Yi Fong - YiFong & Eleanor’s Kitchen
Tung Soo Hua - Be My Guest S2

Best Newcomer Award
Benjamin Tan - My Guardian Angels
Herman Keh - Interns’ Survivor Guide
Juin Teh - Interns’ Survivor Guide
Ke Le - Ah Gong Can Cook
Seow Sin Nee - Hawker Academy
Sheryl Ang - All Around You
Zhang Ze Tong - A Jungle Survivor

Evergreen Artiste Award
Chen Shu Cheng
Jin Yin Ji
Marcus Chin
Richard Low
Wang Yu Qing
Xiang Yun
Zhu Hou Ren

Young Talent Award
Alfred Ong - Terror Within
Audrey Gabrielle Soh - Super Dad
Ethan Ng Kai En - Happy Prince
Goh Wee Ann - C.L.I.F.5
Ivan Lo - How Are You?
Natalie Mae Tan U-En - My Guardian Angels
Nicholas Lim Tao Rui - All is Well - SG

Bioskin Most Charismatic Award
Desmond Tan
Ian Fang
Pierre Png
Qi Yuwu
Romeo Tan

Best Drama Serial
A Jungle Survivor
A Quest to Heal
All is Well - SG
Hello From The Other Side
My One In A Million

Best Entertainment Programme
Ah Gong Can Cook
Beyond the Cameras
Hawker Academy
House Everything?
King of Culinary
The Destined One S2
YiFong & Eleanor’s Kitchen

Best Entertainment Special Programme
Lunar New Year’s Eve Special 2020
Sian Chay Bonding with Love Charity Show 2019
SPD Charity Show 2019
Star Awards 2019
Star Search 2019 Grand Final

Best Infotainment Programme
A Medical Journey
Be My Guest S2
Fixer 3
Forbidding No More
Tuesday Report - A Hill And A River
Tuesday Report - Home Away From Home
Tuesday Report - One Metre Apart

Best Short-form Drama Serial
A World Of Difference
Beijing To Moscow
Best Friends Forever
Hello From The Other Side - It’s Time
Interns’ Survivor Guide
Tiles War
Walk With Me - Stories of Us

Best Short-form Entertainment Programme
Ah Boy To Dad
Friend Or Foe?
Hear U Out
Prank It!
Pressing Issues
Thumbs up! Senior - Takeover
What’s For Lunch? - Lunch Talk

Best Theme Song
A Quest To Heal - ‘Luan’ performed by Jones and Ling Kai
All is Well - SG - ‘Ren Jian Shi Ge ‘ performed by Nicky Lee
Beijing To Moscow - ‘Shi Qu Shen Me’ performed by Misi Ke
Best Friends Forever - ‘Hao Ai Ni lah’ performed by The Freshmen
Heart to Heart - ‘Xing Fu Cha Dian’ performed by Bonnie Loo
Loving You - ‘Tong Xing’ performed by Boon Hui Lu
My One in a Million - ‘Jiu Shi Ni Jiu Shi Ni’ performed by Jarrell Huang and JJ Neo

Best Radio Programme
CAPITAL 958 - Little City, Big Matters
YES 933 - Morning Fanatics
LOVE 972 - Mr Zhou’s Ghost Stories
LOVE 972 - The Breakfast Quartet
YES 933 - The Night Is Young

Catch meWATCH’s Live Commentary of Star Awards 2021 from 3.30pm - 10pm on meWATCH, or Mediacorp Entertainment Channel on YouTube on Sunday, April 18 2021.

The Walk Of Fame will be from 5pm - 6.30pm, on meWATCH, Ch 8, Ch U and Mediacorp Entertainment Channel on YouTube on the same day. It will be followed by the Main Awards Show from 7pm - 10pm on meWATCH, Ch 8, Ch U and Mediacorp Entertainment Channel on YouTube.

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