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Star Awards 2019 in pictures

‘LIVE’ pictures and updates from the Star Awards 2019 main ceremony

Star Awards 2019 in pictures

This is it. Tonight, we crown the best of the best in local showbiz, and celebrate the triumphs of the past year.

Held at the MES Theatre at Mediacorp, the Star Awards, which celebrates its 25th anniversary today (Apr 14), will not only honour some of Singapore’s biggest talents, but also take audiences down memory lane as we look back on the defining moments in local entertainment history.

Read on for the highlights of this year's Star Awards.

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Star Awards 2019 Winners:

1. Young Talent Award: Natalie Mae Tan – Blessings

2. Best Short-Form Drama Serial Award: Love At Cavenagh Bridge

3. Best Short-Form Variety Programme Award: Workman Diaries

4. Best Newcomer Award: Jasmine Sim - Doppelganger

5. Evergreen Award: Xiang Yun

6. Best Info-ed Programme: Business As Usual

7. Best Variety Programme: Getai Challenge 2018

8. Best Variety Special: SPOP SING! Grand Final

9. Best Programme Host: Quan Yi Fong - Fixer 2

10. Best Theme Song: You Can Be An Angel 3 by Kelvin Tan

11. All-Time Favourite Award: Kym Ng

12. Best Supporting Actor: Chen Shu Cheng - A Million Dollar Dream

13. Best Supporting Actress: Lim Mei Jiao - Fifty and Fabulous

14. Best Drama Serial: Blessings II

15. Special Achievement Award: Chew Chor Meng

16. Best Actor: Chen Hanwei - A Million Dollar Dream

17. Best Actress: Zoe Tay - A Million Dollar Dream

18. Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes:

Paige Chua
Rebecca Lim
Felicia Chin
Ya Hui
Carrie Wong
Chen Xiu Huan
Pan Ling Ling
Jesseca Liu
Hong Hui Fang
Lina Ng

19. Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes:

Shaun Chen
Romeo Tan
Pierre Png
Zheng Geping
Zhu Houren
Desmond Tan
Dennis Chew
Dasmond Koh
Chen Shu Cheng

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Best Newcomer Jasmine Sim: “These three years have been difficult”
Kym Ng: The All-Time Favourite Award will encourage me to work harder
Chen Shu Cheng: I didn’t expect to win Best Supporting Actor
Lin Mei Jiao hopes to give herself a good break after Best Supporting Actress win
Jesseca Liu: “I can’t wait to have a proper meal”
Hong Hui Fang: “I never thought that I would win the Top 10”
Rebecca Lim: I kind of wish that I can still be in ‘school’ forever
Pan Ling Ling: I received my very first award from Chow Yun Fat
Lina Ng: Being congratulated by my peers is the best acknowledgement
Pierre Png, Romeo Tan, Zhu Hou Ren, Dasmond Koh, Desmond Tan and Chen Shu Cheng share their thoughts on getting a Top 10!
Felicia Chin: There’s no given for the Top 10
Zoe Tay, Chen Han Wei: We achieved our Best Actor award with our effort and hard work over the years
Dasmond Koh reveals that Aloysius Pang's voice was included in tribute performance
Pierre Png: This is what it feels like to be on top of the world!
Chen Shu Cheng wins first Top 10 award after 49 years in showbiz
Hong Hui Fang: I didn’t hear my name when they announced it!
Xiang Yun: I once wondered if I should even stay on in this industry

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