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Speculation about Show Luo's departure from clothing label intensifies

The singer’s friend made an online post alluding to his frustration

Speculation about Show Luo's departure from clothing label intensifies

Fans of Taiwanese singer Show Luo were taken aback by the 39-year-old’s Weibo post late last month (February 21), where he revealed that he will be disassociating himself completely from clothing label STAGE.

Many speculated that the singer might have been forced out from the clothing label, as Show has been heavily involved in STAGE’s business affairs since it was launched 12 years ago.

Yesterday (March 4), Taiwanese actor Jeff Chang posted a selfie with Show on his Facebook.

“In my life, I’ve come across two bosses who treated me exceedingly well, the first is Boss Sun from my previous (label) DC. The other is Show Luo, who was previously in charge of Manhattan, and STAGE. Though we don’t meet often, he has been feeling frustrated recently, and in a bad mood. Of course, I must (edit) him a little (to make him look better),” he wrote in his caption.

In the picture, Show can be seen pulling a funny face. However, his eyes are a little swollen, worrying his fans. “It looks like he cried earlier, my heart hurts,” a fan wrote.

Jeff also praised Show in his post, writing, “In my eyes, he’s someone who treats his workers very well, a generous boss, as well as a loyal friend. At the very least this is how I feel. I hope you can successfully leave the bad things behind you. I believe that your mood will only become better from here on, because whatever one is doing, God is watching. Everyone knows that!”.

Photos: PBE Media

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