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Sonia Sui Rubbishes Claims That She Is A Bad Neighbour; Says Her Kids Were Traumatised By Their Neighbours Instead

She said she and her family have "tried their best" to give in to their neighbours' endless demands and rude behaviour.
Sonia Sui Rubbishes Claims That She Is A Bad Neighbour; Says Her Kids Were Traumatised By Their Neighbours Instead

Taiwanese actress-model Sonia Sui's legal dispute with her neighbours has become the most talked about topic in Taiwan showbiz news.

The 42-year-old star and her husband Tony Hsieh, 43, have been sued by their neighbours for causing them distress.

The neighbours, who are known only as Mr J and Mrs A, claimed that Sonia and Tony's three kids make a lot of noise every morning. Mr and Mrs A said they had communicated the issue with Sonia and Tony many times but there was no resolution. Hence, they were left with no choice but to bring the matter to court.

Sonia has since taken to her Facebook to rubbish the accusations.

Sonia started the lengthy post off by asserting that her "neighbours from downstairs" like to threaten her and her husband by saying they "know a lot of people who work in the media" every time their talks fall through.

She recalled the first time she went to view the apartment, she was warned by another resident that the people living below her are "a little troublesome".

The same resident also warned Sonia to sound proof her apartment to avoid causing trouble. 

She only learnt later that her neighbours would complain every time they found the apartment above too noisy.

Apparently, the communal fountain in the estate was turned off because said neighbours had complained that it was making too much noise.

However, Sonia's family still bought the house as they really liked the environment. 

Little did they know that the problems started to surface when renovations began. 

Sonia and Tony with their three children

According to Sonia, Mrs A would often check on the renovations back then, and make unreasonable demands.

She requested for them to remove the tree in their backyard claiming that when the wind blows, the sound created by the branches as they hit against the walls or beams would disturb her.

In order to placate Mrs A and maintain peace, Sonia and Tony decided to accede to her requests.

Sonia even made the floor in her house 30cm thick just 'cos of Mrs A

Despite all that, Mrs A was not satisfied. 

Sonia shared that Mrs A would always ring their door bell to tell her children to be quiet, adding that the latter wouldn't even communicate nicely. 

"She would always start off by shouting," said Sonia.

As a result, Sonia and Tony stopped answering the door. That further incensed Mrs A who then got the security guards to call on Sonia's household instead. 

Sonia also clarified her neighbours' accusations that her kids are too rowdy early in the morning. 

According to Sonia, her family has a very simple routine. She and her children would wake up at 6am every day to have breakfast. The kids would then go to school and return for dinner at 6pm. They also go to bed at around 8 to 830pm.

This meant that their house would usually "be completely silent by around 9pm".

But on one Sunday morning, they bumped into Mrs A while heading out. The latter then shouted at the kids, asking them to "not wake up so early on Sundays because she's used to waking up late."

Sonia, who has had enough of her neighbour's demands by then, retorted: "Please stop harassing my children and stop scolding them. I can't control what time they wake up on the weekends, is it right for you to tell them off so loudly every time you see them? Why not you wake up earlier then?"

The actress also revealed that her children are now terrified of bumping into Mrs A every time they leave the house.

Is that the tree they had to chop off?

Sonia and Tony thought things would get better when they finally got to speak to Mrs A's husband Mr J.

Sonia shared that when she and Tony met Mr J, he appeared to be much more collected than his wife, and even told them that he "hopes to improve the situation between the two families."

Mr J also admitted that he's very aware of his wife's condition, and apologised on her behalf for shouting at the kids. 

It's why the couple exchanged LINE accounts with Mr J to facilitate future discussions about the issue.

Sadly, that  did not work out.

Even when the Mediation Committee advised Mr J and Mrs A that the only way out is for them thicken their ceiling wall to enhance sound insulation, Mrs A was unwilling to budge and insisted that Sonia's family lay out a carpet of her choice on the first floor of their apartment.

So now how?

To end off her post, Sonia said she and her family "empathises" and "feels bad" for Mrs A after finding out that she's someone who's hypersensitive to noise.

However, they're really tired of having to deal with the latter's never-ending demands.

"It's regretful that different people have different tolerance to noise, but all we can do now is to let the law settle the problem. We will not be commenting on this issue anymore," she added.

Photos: Sonia Sui/Facebook, starettoday



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