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Sonia Sui blasted for being a "cheapskate"

The model-actress allegedly “ghosted" her postpartum nurse when asked to pay for her services

Sonia Sui blasted for being a "cheapskate"

Taiwanese model-actress Sonia Sui has been blasted for being a cheapskate by Taiwanese media, after a postpartum nurse came forward to accuse her of not paying her after engaging her services two years ago.

The nurse, who was reported to be in her 70s, shared that two years ago, Sonia requested for the nurse’s postpartum belly binding services over 40 times after giving birth to her second child. This service is believed to aid in regaining one’s pre-pregnancy figure.

However, after a month and a half of treatment, Sonia suddenly refused to answer the door when the nurse arrived at Sonia’s house for a scheduled appointment. According to the nurse, Sonia expressed that she was dissatisfied with the costs for the nurse’s services in a later conversation.

Out of goodwill, the nurse then decided to not charge Sonia for the belly binding sessions. However, she later found out that Sonia went on to share publicly that belly binding was not effective in helping her to regain her pre-pregnancy figure at all, which hurt the nurse’s business.

Angered, the nurse then sent a text over to Sonia earlier this month to request for the 38-year-old to make payment for her services.

As she has yet to receive a reply from Sonia despite waiting for weeks, the nurse decided to go to the media with her story.

When reached for a comment, Sonia’s manager replied, “At the time, the other party had said that they did not wish to receive payment (for the services rendered). However, Sonia felt that she should still make payment even if it was a small sum, so she sent a text to ask for the other party’s bank account number. She did not receive a reply”. Sonia’s manager also clarified that Sonia’s comments on the effectiveness of belly binding was not targeted at the nurse specifically.

Photos: PBE Media

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