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Song Joong Ki's New Girlfriend Is Reportedly A British Former Actress, Rumours Claim She Is Pregnant Too

The Korean actor's new girlfriend accompanied him on his recent trip to Singapore to promote new drama Reborn Rich and he also introduced her to the staff at a media conference.



That escalated quickly. Shortly after Korean star Song Joong Ki, 37, confirmed yesterday (Dec 26) that he is in a relationship, there are now rumours that he and his girlfriend are expecting a child and are getting hitched soon.

It all started when Korean media reported that the Reborn Rich actor is dating a British woman.

According to reports, she is 38 and a non-celebrity. The pair met through a mutual friend and have been dating for over a year.

Though Joong Ki confirmed the news through his agency HighZium Studio, he declined to reveal additional information about his girlfriend.

“Actor Song Joong-ki is currently seeing a woman with positive feelings. We hope that you will look warmly upon their relationship,” the agency in a statement.

“We ask for your understanding in regards to the fact that we cannot confirm any information aside from the fact that they are dating, and we would be grateful if you refrained from publishing any speculative or unconfirmed reports."

Who is SJK's new squeeze?

But that hasn’t stopped the media and netizens from speculating about her identity.

Videos and photos of the pair have gone viral and the Internet thinks she is former actress Katy Louise Saunders, who now reportedly works as an English tutor.

According to Katy’s IMDB page, she’s of English and Colombian descent and moved to Rome when she was a child. She starred in films like The Lizzie McGuire Movie, Los Borgia, and Third Person.

Since her identity was revealed, Katy has shut her Instagram account and recent tweets have also been deleted.

Former actress Katy Louise Saunders has been reportedly linked to SJK.

Following the dating revelation, there are rumours that Joong Ki's girlfriend is pregnant and that the pair will be getting married soon. 

And what sparked off this speculation? A netizen claimed to have spotted the couple at a gynaecology clinic.

The netizen said the woman who was with Joong Ki was in loose clothing and stroking her belly.

The actor's agency has issued another statement responding to the rumours: "It is difficult to confirm his personal life other than the fact that he is dating."

"We would appreciate it if everyone could refrain from unconfirmed speculative reports,” it added.

They have been spotted on dates

Joong Ki has never tried to hide his new relationship.

The couple have been spotted on dates and when he won the Daesang award (grand prize) for his performance on hit drama Vincenzo at the APAN Star Awards in September, he thanked Katy in his acceptance speech.

At the time, nobody thought much about it as it was assumed to be the name of one of his dogs.

She also accompanied Joong Ki on his recent trip to Singapore to promote new drama Reborn Rich and introduced her to the staff members at a media conference.

Joong Ki was briefly married to his Descendants of the Sun co-star Song Hye Kyo. They divorced in 2019.

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