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TVB Assistant Director Says Sisley Choi Is “Not As Troublesome” As Rumours Suggest

The assistant director also spilled the tea on a singer-turned-actor who apparently has trouble memorising his lines.


A netizen who claims to be an assistant director at TVB has taken to social networking app Xiaohongshu to share some behind-the-scene goss about the stars of the drama she’s currently working on, Let Me Take Your Pulse.

The drama stars Sisley Choi, 31, and Matthew Ho, 33, who play childhood friends who spent 10 years apart from each other in different countries, but eventually became traditional Chinese medicine practitioners.

According to the assistant director, though there are lots of tiring night shoots, the stars are unfailingly friendly and nice to the production crew.

Matthew Ho and Sisley Choi.

“Today, I shot a scene involving Matthew and Sisley, and chatted a bit with Sisley, and even introduced myself. She was very warm towards me, and honestly, from what I observed so far, she’s not as troublesome as what the online rumours suggest,” the assistant director wrote.

Apart from that, it seems like the cast all get along very well. Apparently, Owen Cheung, 34, returns to the film set even on days he has no scenes just so he can to hang out with everyone else.

Fellow TVB star Mandy Lam, 45, also received a special mention for being very “nice and pretty”, and would buy cakes to treat the crew.

The assistant director is clearly not afraid that her identity will be revealed after going into specifics about filming.

But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, of course.

The assistant director shared that she just shot a scene that involved Sisley and a male supporting actor, that didn’t go too well.

The supporting actor is said to be a singer-turned-actor, and apart from having poor acting skills, also has trouble memorising his lines.

“To be honest, his acting is really super bad, my gosh. [I thought that] it might be his first time acting, but when I checked [online], it turned out that he’s filmed a lot of shows. How is it that he’s still forgetting his lines and acting awkwardly! Even Sisley couldn’t help but correct him. I hope this actor improves for his next project, there’s no saving his performance here,” the assistant director wrote.

Here's the cast of Let Me Take Your Pulse at the press conference. Care to guess who's the singer-turned-actor the assistant director is referring to?

In a later post, the assistant director was a little more complimentary about said actor, admitting that he improved significantly after their first encounter, but still fell short.

Oh, and she is not worried that her criticism may come off as too harsh.

“If [the actor] comes across this post, all I can say is, you’re handsome, but you really have to pay attention to your acting,” she concluded.


Photos: Sisley Choi/Instagram, Matthew Ho/Instagram



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