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Singapore Idol-Turned-Grab Driver Hady Mirza's Past 8 DAYS Interviews Show His Desire For A Simple Life

We look back at the former Singapore Idol’s past 8 DAYS interviews.

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Singapore Idol-Turned-Grab Driver Hady Mirza's Past 8 DAYS Interviews Show His Desire For A Simple Life

More than eleven years after he won Season 2 of Singapore Idol, Hady Mirza is the talk of the town once more. This time round, for being a Grab driver.

A screenshot of Hady's Grab driver profile

Last December, a Twitter user shared a screenshot of Hady’s Grab driver profile, which showed his profile photo and his full name “Muhammad Mirzahady Amin”. It also showed that he was driving a Toyota Wish. The screenshot soon made its viral rounds on social media.

When we contacted Hady through his former record label, Hype Records, we were told that Hady had declined to be interviewed regarding his job as a Grab driver. Our attempts to contact Hady via his company, Tempting Trading, were also unsuccessful.

The former Singapore Idol’s pursuits of late has been decidedly non-musical. Besides busy mentoring youths at local Muslim youth organisation FRHM Youth, the 37-year-old entrepreneur also runs his own chilli tempeh snack business, under his company Tempting Trading. In 2014, he tied the knot with his Malaysian bride, now 24, after just two chaperoned dates in six months. We plow through our past interviews with Hady from back in the day where 'Mr Everyday Joe' and 'Mr Laid-back' were some of the titles we labelled the then 26-year-old pub performer. Here are 5 of our favourite quotes of his.

On how his band, Raw Energy, which he used to perform with, was doing without him
“It’s doing okay. Singers come and go.”

On feeling the weight of responsibility after winning SI in 2006
“I have this fan letter in my bag, and it’s from a parent telling me how his child saved his lunch money to vote for me. I see the effect I have on kids now, and it’s like Spiderman. With more power comes more responsibility.”

On his to-do list
“What matters is how I better myself, reinvent myself.”

On advice from his dad, who ran a mee rebus stall at a hawker centre in Ang Mo Kio
“My dad always tells me to stay humble, to be myself, to watch my behaviour.”

On whether he likes his newfound fame and attention
“I’m loving it! But I prefer to stay grounded. But still, I’ll lap up the attention lah. It’s a nice feeling when people recognise you. I’ve gotten recognized a few times, like when I go grocery-shopping. How do I react? Open arms, man!”

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