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Simon Yam’s right hand likely to be permanently scarred after knife attack

The actor wishes to put the stabbing incident behind him

Simon Yam’s right hand likely to be permanently scarred after knife attack

It’s back to work as per normal for Hong Kong actor Simon Yam, close to a month after he was attacked by a knife-wielding man onstage at an event in China. The actor sustained severe injuries on his right hand, which he underwent two different surgeries to treat.

However, he has since been spotted attending promotional events for his latest movie, Little Q, which premiered in cinemas last week. When asked about his injury, Simon shared that it was healing well, and that a nerve in his hand had been “severed and later reattached”.

He also let on that the scar on his right hand will “most probably follow me for life”. When asked if he had regained all movement in his right hand, Simon declined to go into specifics, though he did let on that he is supposed to keep his injury dry.

“Some muscles (in my palm) have hardened, but some parts are still numb,” the actor said, hinting that a full recovery is still a long way away.

The 64-year-old also revealed that he hopes to let bygones be bygones, and that he hopes to put the incident behind him. He also reiterated his desire to focus on his family in the future, and to take on less work.

Photos: PBE Media

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