Show Luo Says He Was A Victim Of Bullying In School...

P/S: You won't feel sorry for the singer.

Getting bullied in school is one of the worst things that can happen to a kid. Recently, a video of a student in China being bullied made its way onto the Internet. In the vid, some students are seen taking turns to slap a female student, while many of her schoolmates looked on. An onlooker was heard egging a bully to “hit harder, one more time!”. After the video went viral, their actions were slammed by netizens. Recently, Show Luo confessed on his Weibo that he was also once a victim of bullying… but not in the way one would imagine.
He wrote, “Actually, I’ve been bullied before. At first, I didn’t know the reason. When I was walking down the school corridor, my schoolmates would often talk behind my back, and even whispered in each other’s ears. Some schoolmates would even deliberately take the opportunity to make physical contact with me. Actually, I’ve always been a… rational person with a sense of propriety. And I didn’t want to make trouble, so I just suffered in silence.”
If you read up till this point, and feel sorry for the singer… well, don’t. He continued, “Until one day, I couldn’t take it anymore. And I shouted myself hoarse in the corridor, ‘Why do you do this to me?’ Who knew, my schoolmates answered unanimously, ‘Who asked you to be so handsome?’ At that moment, I realised being handsome can also be a kind of burden.”
If you’re rolling your eyes reading this, you’re not alone. After getting spectacularly trolled by their idol, his fans’ reactions were divided. One commented, “If there’s nothing going on [with you], please refrain from talking for now. Thank you.” But there were some who responded with supportive comments like “Is it wrong to be handsome?” and “Handsome guys are always lonely.” Of course, the singer responded to the comments in his famously witty manner. To a fan who wrote: “Before reading this, I thought it would be a tearjerker,” Show said, “You don’t know my pain.” Another commented: “At the start, I was prepared to shed tears. Can you compensate me for emotional damages?" To which Show replied, “Is $10 enough?” Another commented, “To think that I wasted my time reading this.” And Show replied, “Did you feel sorry for me?”


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