It’s no secret that Taiwanese singer Show Luo, 38, has always kept a low profile when it comes to his love life.

However, in a recent interview with Apple Daily, he talked openly about his 29-year-old Chinese girlfriend Zhou Yang Qing, an influencer who has over 2 million followers on Weibo. 

This is the first time Show has admitted to being in a relationship since entering showbiz more than two decades ago. His past rumoured girlfriends include Selena Jen and Makiyo. 

He went on to reveal that after two years of dating, marriage is now on the cards.

“I don’t talk about my relationships as I don’t want people to gossip about the girl. This is my way of protecting her,” he said during the interview. “Perhaps it’s ‘cos I’m getting older, so my mindset has changed. I’ve never believed in getting married, but I’ve been thinking about settling down recently.”

When asked if he would like to have kids, he quipped: “After my dad died, I only have my mum left. Of course, I’d like to have more people in the family, but we'll leave it to fate.”

Addressing the rumours that he only dated Yang Qing ‘cos she has had plastic surgery and bears a resemblance to Chinese actress Angelababy now, he said: “What you guys don’t know is that I knew her even before she went under the knife.”

He defended her, saying: “She only did her eyes and nose and lost some weight.”

When asked to describe his feelings towards her, he said: “I admire her. I really admire her. I’ll share more with all of you in the future when the time is right, when we’ve decided on that (getting married). It’s something really admirable, and I don’t think anyone can win her in that aspect.”

He also shared that he and Yang Qing would prefer to hold a small wedding with only close friends and family in attendance, adding that he doesn’t want to pressure her, as he’s not in a hurry to have kids now. 

He added: “Even though we can’t do what normal couples do in public such as hold hands and kiss, we are very much like any other couple in private. I guess I’m just a very old school artiste. When we first entered showbiz, we were always told that we weren't allowed to talk about our love life! (Laughs).”