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S.H.E reunites for charity

This is the group’s first public appearance since leaving their previous record label

S.H.E reunites for charity

Last October, S.H.E became free agents after all three members, Selina Jen, Hebe Tien and Ella Chen decided against renewing their respective contracts with their longtime label, HIM International Music. At the time, fans were concerned that this meant that the group will be disbanding, but the trio assured that it wouldn’t be the case.

The group has kept to their promise and reunited for a good cause – bringing festive cheer to a group of about 20 underprivileged children as they celebrated the upcoming Chinese New Year in advance.

As the hosts of the event, Selina, Hebe and Ella took charge of everything from decorating the place to preparing food for the children, and also donned red outfits to match the occasion. Hilariously, when they asked the kids if they knew who they were, they were met with a chorus of, “We don’t know!”

It was only under their teacher’s instructions that they shouted, “S.H.E!” They then asked the kids if they knew the hit song, ‘A Little Happiness’ and when they shared that it was Hebe who sang the ballad, the children reacted in disbelief, causing another round of laughter among those present.

The day ended after the children, along with the S.H.E members, tried their hand at calligraphy, which they could bring home along with a door gift prepared by the singers.

Netizens praised S.H.E’s dedication to doing their part to give back to society, along with their unchanging friendship for almost two decades.

Photos: PBE Media

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