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Selina Jen ready to give romance another shot

The singer-actress declared that she is now ready for love

Selina Jen ready to give romance another shot

Taiwanese singer-actress Selina Jen recently had a tell-all interview with Taiwanese YouTuber, Mrs. Science. During the interview, she shared more about her high school love story, revealing that when she was schooling, she had boys confess to her with flowers even when she was in primary school. However, as her father had told her that she could “only date in university”, she felt like she was “doing something wrong” by simply accepting their flowers.

The topic then turned to the filming accident that had left her with severe burns in 2011. Sharing that her parents were her pillars of support after the accident, Selina said that she was immensely grateful to them. She added that she felt "lucky" that the accident happened when she was 29 and more mature, and was therefore able to remain strong and optimistic.

However, she also confessed, “The part of me that’s like a princess, I’ve since hidden her away ever since I got injured.” Tearing up, Selina shared that she was very afraid to face all these emotions. She confessed that she has since managed to steel herself, and is ready for a new relationship. This has caused renewed speculation about the mystery man she was spotted with previously.

Selina and her husband of five years, lawyer Richard Chang announced their divorce in 2016.

Photos: PBE Media

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