Since divorcing in 2004, Hongkong singer Sandy Lam, 52, and Taiwanese music producer Jonathan Lee, 59, have moved on with their lives.

Sandy has been dating Hongkong singer Jun Kung, who’s 12 years her junior, while it was reported recently that Jonathan, who is performing with Jackie Chan and Wakin Chau on the Community Chest Charity show on Ch 8 tonight, quietly married a much younger woman in 2016.

His new wife is said to be a whopping 27 years younger than he is.

Little is known about Jonathan’s wife, though Taiwanese news outlet Apple Daily revealed her name as ‘Qian Hui’, and added that while Jonathan did not publicise his new romance, he did introduce his bride to his pals.

Husband-and-wife were spotted by the paparazzi vacaying on a yacht with Taiwanese singer-songwriter Huang Pin Yuan and his ex-wife Mi Er.

Tabloids described the new Mrs Lee as fresh-faced and doe-eyed, sporting long hair and no make-up. They also noted that she was “slightly plump”, but praised her for her simple yet elegant dressing.

This is Jonathan’s third trip to the altar; he was married to Hongkong radio host Rosita Chu (they have two daughters together) though Jonathan later left Rosita in 1997 to marry Sandy, whom he had produced numerous songs for.

Sandy gave birth to their daughter Renee in 1998, and got custody of her after their tumultuous marriage ended in a split.

Rumours have been swirling for years that Sandy and her beau Jun Kang, who went public with their relationship in 2011, have plans to get married. But she had also reportedly turned down his numerous proposals ’cos she was worried that her daughter Renee would be affected. The 20-year-old Renee, who studied in the States, is said to be a head-turner and has many suitors.

Here’s to hoping that Sandy’s love life is happier than her forlorn love songs.