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Sandara Park Had An Awesome Time Playing Tourist In Singapore

The K-pop star was in town to shoot and plug her K-beauty show Get It Beauty On The Road, alongside co-hosts Chantalle Ng and Tay Ying.

Sandara Park Had An Awesome Time Playing Tourist In Singapore

Sandara Park's fans, or Blackjacks as they are known, would have seen pictures of their idol's recent week-long trip in Singapore on her Instagram @daraxxi. From taking on the Battlestar Galactica at Universal Studios to riding on the Singapore Flyer, it seems Dara was having a K-razy time playing tourist.

But, no, the former member of now-defunct K-pop girl group 2NE1 wasn’t here for a vacation. She was in town to shoot her upcoming K-beauty show Get It Beauty On The Road, a spin-off of the popular Korean show Get It Beauty. Dara met up with the local media at a 30-min press con held at Conrad Centennial hotel yesterday (May 11) to talk about her experiences filming the show. She was joined by budding stars and fellow co-hosts Chantalle Ng and Tay Ying.

The trio had just wrapped up a week-long shoot around the Lion City where viewers will see them testing out the latest K-beauty products and gadgets. During the press con, Sandara also shared her beauty and fashion secrets to looking like a million bucks all the time. And guess what? Even for Sandara, looking good is no walk in the Park.

1. She’s diligent about applying face masks every night.
“There’s no secret [to my beauty]. I’m also human so I also sweat and I don’t look good when I just wake up. (Laughs) But I use a face mask every night. I try to use it every day, even if I’m feeling tired or lazy, ’cos all it takes is just 10 to 15 minutes. It’s kind of tiring but you should take care of your skin to look good. And I love those cute face masks, like Kung Fu Panda character masks. ’Cos when I’m using face masks, I usually get bored. But when I look at myself in the mirror [while wearing those cute masks], I find that image pretty funny. (Laughs)

2. She exercises… even when she’s in the toilet.
“I work out regularly. And I taught [Chantalle and Tay Ying on the show] how to work out when they don’t have the time to go to the gym. I showed them some routines that they can do anywhere — at home, in their dressing rooms, in the toilet. (Laughs) If you watch the show, you’ll know what kind of exercises to do.”

3. She consumes beauty food.
“Of course, I eat healthy too. I tried bird’s nest for the first time [when I was filming here]… Now I can have better skin [by drinking bird’s nest].”

4. She’s not afraid to take fashion risks.
“I remembered that when I was as young as eight, I already loved buying clothes and wearing the trendiest items. But when I met my stylist [when I was in] 2NE1, my style totally changed. I was really shocked at first when he suggested that I try out my now-iconic hairstyles (makes a gesture in reference to her famous ‘antennae’ hairdo) and some unique clothes. But now, I love him so much. And I have so many friends in the fashion industry. I talk to them every day to find out what’s trendy right now and what kind of clothes would look good on me.”

5. Want to know more? You’ll have to watch the show.
“Singapore is really hot and humid all year round. So it’s really important to buy the right beauty products to make you look good. Sometimes, your make-up can look really cakey [if you use the wrong products]. We talked about this in the show. So it’d be nice if you watched the show [to find out more]. (Laughs)

Scroll through the photo gallery (above) to see more pictures from the press con and what Dara got up to during her week in Singapore.

Get It Beauty On The Road premieres on July 10, every Tuesday, at 6.30pm on tvN Asia (StarHub TV Ch 824 & Singtel TV Ch 518/619) and at 8pm on Hub E City (StarHub TV Ch 111/825). Non-StarHub TV customers can also catch Get It Beauty On The Road for free on StarHub Go.


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