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Sammi Cheng wants Andy Hui to “straighten himself out”

The singer-actress gamely took on questions about her husband after returning from an overseas trip with him

Sammi Cheng wants Andy Hui to “straighten himself out”

After heading off for a two-week-long European vacation, Hong Kong singer-actress Sammi Cheng is back in Hong Kong - though she is not quite returning to work full-time yet.

At a charity event yesterday (August 3), the singer-actress spoke more about a family member’s struggle against breast cancer, and answered questions about her scandal-hit husband, Hong Kong singer-actor Andy Hui, whose cheating scandal had taken top billing on the entertainment news for a couple of weeks.

Although she looked visibly refreshed after her vacation, Sammi shared that she’s not “fully charged” yet. “Because it’ll be extremely tiring after finishing a concert, I was really overdrawn, both physically and mentally. Thus, I wish to continue resting, for the next two months I won’t be as busy as I usually am as I need to recuperate,” Sammi shared.

Though the singer-actress and her friends had taken great care not to upload any pictures of Andy during their vacation, pictures of Sammi and Andy holding hands still made it onto the internet. When asked about those pictures, Sammi shrugged that she was not surprised as almost everyone has a phone with them at all times.

However, she mentioned that most of the people who spotted them abroad would ask for their permission before snapping a picture together, which she felt was very respectful of them.

When asked if their vacation had repaired their relationship, Sammi smiled, “We co-exist with each other very naturally. We're not particularly sweet to one another. After work, we spend time together. There's nothing out of the ordinary (about our relationship)."

Sammi was also asked if Andy will make his return to the entertainment industry in the near future, to which she responded that this is a question that he should be tackling himself.

“I'll wait for him to respond personally. My priority isn't to see him return to his work as soon as possible. Rather, I feel that he should straighten himself out, face himself, repair himself and think things through before he does anything else,” she said.

Photos: PBE Media

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