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Sammi Cheng, Who Turns 50 In August, Says There’s No Need To “Force Yourself To Live As If You’re 18 Or 20”

She doesn’t look 50 anyway.


Hongkong singer-actress Sammi Cheng is turning 50 in just three months, and she’s not dreading it at all.

In a recent Facebook post, Sammi penned down her thoughts on her upcoming birthday, writing that she would  “welcome every year with a grateful heart”.

“I really like this super mild and natural make-up,” she first wrote, sharing a picture of her at a recent event.

Girl's glowing.

Sammi then went on to reveal that she is turning 50 in three months.

“When I was younger, I didn’t understand the meaning of your age, but I know it now. It means growth. It’s experience. It’s becoming older. Something inevitable and natural. Gradually becoming older, it’s something that both you and I will experience, there’s no need for fear,” she wrote.

“What's important, is that age will not prevent you from becoming the best that you can be at any stage in life,” she added.

Is this why she looks so good?

Sammi, who’s pretty much the biggest advocate for a healthy lifestyle and working out in Hongkong showbiz, also threw in a quick line to promote regular exercise.

While she described it as a way of “treating your body kindly”, she also added that the occasional cheat meal is more than fine too.

“There's no need to force yourself to live as if you’re 18 or 20 at the age of 50, however, what you can do, is to live well as yourself,” she wrote.

The picture on the left was taken in 2009, while the one on the right was taken this year.

Finally, she had one sage piece of advice for anyone who might have been the subject of age-shaming comments.

“If you encounter someone using your age to mock, belittle, or tease you, [treat it as if it’s] irrelevant, it’s just 'cos they still don’t understand how life is like,” she wrote.

Now those are words everyone should live by.

Photos: Sammi Cheng/Facebook, Sammi Cheng/Instagram



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