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Sally Yeh Celebrates 61st Birthday; Says She Feels Like She’s 1-Year-Old Again

The singer was both jubilant and pensive as it's her first birthday celebration without her parents by her side.


Cantopop diva Sally Yeh turned 61 last week on Sep 30.

The singer, who’s married to Hong Kong singer-actor George Lam, 74, took to social media to post a 4,000-word (yes) reflection, in both English and Chinese, musing that turning 61 has made her feel like she’s a one-year-old again.

Earlier that day, the singer’s friends and family threw her a birthday party and in her post, a humbled Sally wrote that she wanted to pen this “long letter of gratitude” to everyone who has supported her thus far.

She first described the past year as “the most magical, enlightening, spiritual, unusual, exhilarating, frightening, educational, emotional, up-lifting, astonishing, surprising, roller coaster ride of our entire career and life”.

This year, Sally and George both participated in the Cantopop singing contest show Infinity And Beyond, which brings together artistes from Hong Kong and the Mainland.

The show quickly rose to become one of the most-watched variety shows of 2022 in China.

Sally and George were a force to be reckoned with on Infinity And Beyond.

Reflecting on her experience on Infinity And Beyond, Sally wrote: “And we already thought, at both our ages, we’ve seen and done everything. Who knew I’d be transported back to kindergarten! The oldest female there [on the show]… but a novice in terms of this experience!”

She went on to share that the couple has since received fan letters from fans as young as nine, thanks to the show. Sally then expressed her gratitude to everyone who worked Infinity And Beyond, from the producers to the musicians, set builders to the hosts.

She's positively radiant.

Moving on to a more somber topic, Sally wrote about her mum’s death in December last year.

"It’s so hard to start from the beginning when I am still so sad and mourning my Mother’s own journey to heaven only in Dec 2021… Christmas & New Years was very painful without her physical presence,” she wrote.

"Today I feel 1 years old 'cos I don’t remember a single year [when] I didn’t spend [my] birthday with my Mama or my Dad in 60 years. Today is the beginning of my 1st year without their presence in the physical realm, but [they are forever] in my heart, so I will see this as my [first birthday] with ALL the loved ones in my blessed life (sic),” she wrote.

You can catch Infinity And Beyond on meWATCH here. The first episode is embedded below.

Photos: PBE Media, Sally Yeh/Facebook, 声生不息/Weibo



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