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Rumours of a second child continue to plague Zhang Ziyi

Reporters shared that the actress looked to be pregnant at an exhibition celebrating her 20th debut anniversary.

Rumours of a second child continue to plague Zhang Ziyi

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi is celebrating her 20th year in the entertainment industry in style - with an exhibition.

The 40-year-old graced the opening ceremony of the exhibition yesterday (Sep 10) with her husband, Chinese rocker Wang Feng, in tow. The lovebirds appeared on the red carpet hand-in-hand, with Ziyi going on stage by herself later.

When she got on stage, a fan immediately yelled a declaration of love for the actress, to which she replied, “My husband’s right here”, prompting loud roars of laughter from the crowd.

As it also happened to be Teacher’s Day in the country, Ziyi took the opportunity to thank some of her showbiz mentors.

The list of mentors she thanked included Chinese directors Zhang Yimou and Wong Kar-wai, Taiwanese film director Ang Lee, as well as her teacher at the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing, Chang Li, who had helped the actress get her first big break in the industry. Chang Li, who was present at the event, was invited on stage as well, where she was presented with a bouquet of fresh flowers by the actress.

Reporters who were present at the event noted that the actress seemed to be pregnant with her second child, as she appeared bloated, with a slight bump under her dress. When she walked, Ziyi looked to be taking greater care to tread carefully, with Wang Feng by her side at all times.

In late June this year, it was reported that the actress might be pregnant with her second child. When reached for a comment, Wang Feng’s management agency declined to comment on their artiste’s private life.

After the event, Ziyi took to her Weibo account to reminisce about her earlier days in the industry, with no mention of the reports speculating that she might be pregnant.

“I'm thankful to all the teachers who have helped me... I will forever be a diligent and hardworking student who will not lose sight of my rookie mindset and continuing moving forward.

Thank you to my fans for accommodating my long break [from work]. I’ve actually been looking at scripts every day, waiting for a role that incites my curiosity. I hope that role will present itself to me soon. 20 years, I’m grateful, [it’s a] new start,” she wrote.

Ziyi and Wang Feng tied the knot in 2015 and have a three-year-old daughter, nicknamed Xing Xing, together. Wang Feng also has two daughters from his previous relationships, 14-year-old Apple Wang and 7-year-old Wang Jingyi.

Photos: PBE Media

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