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Rumours of discord between Charmaine Sheh, Tiffany Tang emerge

Tiffany is reported to have tried to kick Charmaine off the cast list for an upcoming period drama

Rumours of discord between Charmaine Sheh, Tiffany Tang emerge

Chinese actress Tiffany Tang was announced as the main character in an upcoming period drama, The Legend of Xiao Chun, with Chinese actor Shawn Dou playing the male lead alongside her.

Also among the cast list is Hong Kong actress Charmaine Sheh, who will be playing Tiffany's reel-life older sister.

However, a post made by an anonymous netizen has incited much discussion online, with many believing that the post refers to Tiffany and Charmaine.

In the post, the anonymous netizens alleges that a “sweet (but) silly and pale-skinned female star” will be starring in a period drama, in an attempt to change her image.

However, after knowing that the second female lead is a Hong Kong actress who “is very skilled and experienced with period dramas”, the former requested for the production crew to replace the Hong Kong actress. The netizen revealed that the female star was worried that her acting skills would pale in comparison, and even offered to help the Hong Kong actress find a better role in another drama.

Although Tiffany first shot to fame for her role in the 2009 period drama, Chinese Paladin 3, the actress has since gone on to take on roles in modern-day romance dramas, becoming known for playing innocent and sweet characters. Additionally, as Charmaine is known for her role in the hit period drama, Story of Yanxi Palace, many assumed that the post was referring to Tiffany and Charmaine.

Some also implored for people to take the post with a grain of salt, as it was posted anonymously. They also criticised the netizen for deliberately tarnishing Tiffany's image and causing discord between the duo before filming commences.

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