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Rui En makes Channel 8 comeback as a ‘soul reaper’

She will pair up with Shaun Chen in an upcoming lighthearted comedy series

Rui En makes Channel 8 comeback as a ‘soul reaper’
Fans of Rui En will have something to look forward to: she will be lighting up our television screens again with a comeback drama in 2019.
Her last TV series, Have A Little Faith, wrapped in May and aired in July last year, and the actress has been on hiatus since then with no new TV projects lined up this year.

It was recently reported that the 37-year-old is currently prepping for a comeback after she was spotted hanging out – and looking in great shape – at The Rugby 7s Finals in April.

Head of Chinese Drama Productions Chong Liung-man confirmed the news about Rui En’s new Channel 8 drama in an interview with Toggle. “We feel that it’s time for her to make a comeback and pitched this story and role to her and [her management agency] Hype Records. We felt that she was suited for the role, plus she has good comic timing based on her past shows and she’ll have a chance to show her comedic chops in this character,” he said.

“We are definitely looking forward to an even better Rui En especially after she had one year to rest and recharge herself. There are also reports of her taking up Muay Thai and keeping fit, and we hope she will be able to surpass her past performances with this show.”

Rui En at The Rugby 7s finals with Pierre Png and Dennis Chew in April. (Photo: Instagram/Hype Records Singapore)

The drama, titled Yin Cuo Yang Cha (阴错阳差, English title to be confirmed), is purported to be a lighthearted comedy which talks about a soul reaper tasked to complete several missions in the human world; it also aims to reflect on the attitudes and values of people in the 21st century through its stories.

Rui En will play a ‘soul reaper’ Special Forces officer and will be paired up with Shaun Chen, whom she last worked with on The Journey: Our Homeland and The Dream Makers.

In a phone interview with Toggle, male lead Shaun shared that he is looking forward to working with Rui En again. “We do have chemistry especially since we’ve worked with each other before… she’s a good actress and I hope there will be sparks between our characters in this show,” he quipped.

“This will be a modern drama and I look forward to it because the story concept is very interesting,” he added. “My and Rui En’s characters start off as loggerheads who eventually fall in love with each other… Filming with her will be good – we have the ‘feels’ and share common ground when it comes to translating our characters on screen.”

Yin Cuo Yang Cha also stars Chen Hanwei, Hong Hui Fang and Nick Teo. The series is slated for a March 2019 release and production will begin mid-September.

Watch past episodes of Have A Little Faith on Toggle.

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