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Ruco Chan’s mother approves of his new girlfriend

The rumoured couple are reportedly planning to move in together

Ruco Chan’s mother approves of his new girlfriend

Earlier in March this year, a Hong Kong tabloid reported that Hong Kong actor Ruco Chan is dating former Miss Hong Kong contestant Phoebe Sin, releasing pictures of the couple together in Ruco’s car.

At that time, Ruco’s fans had reacted negatively to the news, showing their displeasure at the fact that the couple were dating. However, it seems that the lovebirds have managed to pull through the hate from Ruco’s fans, with latest reports alleging that the duo are planning to move in together.

An insider revealed that Ruco and Phoebe have only known each other for half a year, and dated for three months. However, Ruco has already brought Phoebe home to introduce her to his mother. Phoebe has also managed to get the stamp of approval from Ruco’s mother.

Earlier, when Ruco was in Hengdian, China for work, he took time out of his schedule to browse at a furniture store, to look for furniture for their future love nest.

As Ruco has never publicly revealed any relationship of his ever since joining TVB, his relationship with Phoebe has been kept tightly under wraps, and he reported requested for Phoebe to refrain from posting anything regarding their relationship online.

However, after seeing how Hong Kong actors Kevin Cheng and Edwin Siu’s careers have improved after going public with their respective relationships, as well as his mother’s satisfaction towards Phoebe, Ruco is reportedly waiting for a suitable occasion to announce the good news, and officially call Phoebe his girlfriend.

Ruco has been entangled in numerous dating rumours throughout his career, having being linked to Nancy Wu, Mandy Wong and Linda Chung.

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