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Ruco Chan, Phoebe Sin welcome first child

The couple’s daughter is Phoebe’s ‘birthday present'

Ruco Chan, Phoebe Sin welcome first child

On April 21, celebrity couple Ruco Chan and Phoebe Sin welcomed their first child, a daughter named Quinta.

The good news was announced by Ruco on his Instagram, who posted a family photo, along with a shot of him holding his daughter. As Phoebe had just celebrated her 29th birthday two days earlier on April 19, little Quinta was described as her “birthday present”.

Phoebe shared that Quinta was born via Cesarean section, and that she intends to breastfeed her. However, they are unable to decide which parent Quinta takes after at the moment. “Ruco and I are both so happy! Looking at little Quinta makes us feels so blessed! She spends the whole day smiling, and is really cute. Hope she grows up healthily,” she shared.

Speaking about her childbirth experience, Phoebe revealed that Ruco was with her every step of the way, and had helped to cut the umbilical cord. Ruco had also asked why their daughter had curly hair at first, expressing his shock when she began “vomiting white foam” due to the amniotic fluid. Upon hearing his words, Phoebe, who was under general anesthetic, couldn’t help but to laugh.

The new mother also revealed that they had chosen to name their daughter Quinta, as the letter Q is in between their initials, P and R. The name signifies their hope that their daughter will grow up well under their care.

Ruco and Phoebe tied the knot last October.

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