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Ruco Chan to have three Father’s Day celebrations this year

This will be the first Father’s Day for the new father

Ruco Chan to have three Father’s Day celebrations this year

After becoming a dad in April this year, Hong Kong actor Ruco Chan has adjusted to fatherhood well, even planning to attend three different Father’s Day celebrations this year.

The actor made an appearance at a charity event on Wednesday (June 12), where he was asked about his Father’s Day plans this weekend. The new father shared, “I’ll first celebrate Father’s Day with my wife (Hong Kong actress Phoebe Sin) and my father-in-law. Then, I’ll celebrate with my dad, before celebrating with my wife. My daughter’s too young, so she doesn’t even recognise me as her father yet.”

When asked if Phoebe will be giving him a present, Ruco laughingly asked, “Another baby? If that’s the case, that’ll be a pleasant surprise indeed! She just gave birth two months ago, it wouldn’t be so fast.” The 42-year-old also shared that he respects his wife’s wishes, and does not wish to prevent her from returning to work.

In other related news, Phoebe recently posted pictures of a new camera that she bought online. During the event yesterday, Ruco shared that the camera itself was highly sought after, with many having to wait for half a year before getting their hands on it. “(I only got it) with the help of my friend. The camera is a belated birthday present for my wife. We can use it to take pictures of our daughter as well,” he said.

Soon enough, the subject of the questions turned to Ruco’s two-month-old daughter, Quinta. “Her looks are constantly changing,” the father-of-one gushed. “Recently, I’ve learned how to understand what she needs just from observing her actions and expressions. For example, I can tell when she wants to drink milk, or relieve herself. She seems to be starting to recognise people as well, when she sees us, she’ll stare for a few seconds, before breaking into a smile,” he continued.

Ruco and Phoebe tied the knot last October, and welcomed their daughter, Quinta in April this year.

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