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Ruco Chan has picked an English name for his child

The actor's wife is looking forward to seeing him as a transgender dancer in 'Chinatown'

Ruco Chan has picked an English name for his child

Ruco Chan and his wife Phoebe Sin are set to welcome their first child in April or May this year, and the first-time father-to-be has revealed that they have already picked an English name for their child.

"It will begin with the letter Q," he hinted. "We chose it because my wife's name begins with the letter P and mine begins with R, so Q is in the middle."

However, he remained tight-lipped on the gender of the baby. He also shared that they have yet to decide on a Chinese name, or if Phoebe will have a natural birth or C-section. Other than that, most other preparations have been made for the arrival of their little one.

The actor was speaking to reporters on the set of his new TVB series Chinatown, in which he will have to dress up as a transgender dancer. "My wife is really looking forward to seeing me in this role!" he chuckled.

Ruco's co-star Natalie Tong revealed that she will have a lot of action scenes in this drama. "I've been learning a lot as I go along, which feels good," she said. She added that she is not bothered by inevitable comparisons between her and Nancy Wu, and that she will just concentrate on doing her best.

Natalie has been rumoured to be dating tutoring company executive Samuel Chan (who is known as the "Wang Leehom of the educational world" due to his resemblance to the singer), and they were recently said to have gone hiking together. "I often go hiking with friends," she said. "You can join us if you'd like!"

When asked if there is a blossoming romance between the two, Natalie responded, "Let nature take its course. When love comes, it comes."

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