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Ruby Lin reveals more details about her relationship with Wallace Huo

The longtime friends revealed their relationship last Friday

Ruby Lin reveals more details about her relationship with Wallace Huo

May 20 is known as “Confession Day” amongst the Chinese, as the numbers ‘520’ sound similar to ‘I love you’ in Mandarin when spoken aloud. Thus, on May 20 this year, longtime friends Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin announced that they were dating, much to the delight of fans.

A day after the reveal of their relationship on their Weibo accounts, the Taiwanese actors were seen at the Qingdao Liuting International Airport in Qingdao, China, where Wallace sent Ruby off. It was then revealed that the couple was together on the day they revealed their relationship, as Ruby had flown to Qingdao to visit Wallace, who was filming there.

Once she reached Taiwan, Ruby, who was clad in casual clothing, looked to be in a good mood. The 40-year-old smiled when asked if the couple had any plans to get married soon, and answered, “Not so soon!”

There had also been rumours that the couple announced their relationship as Ruby was pregnant, which she denied cheekily, quipping, “We just announced our relationship yesterday, [how can I] be pregnant already?”

Ruby also acknowledged the new couple’s years of friendship when she replied, “Come on, we’ve been friends for so many years,“ in answer to a reporter’s question of, “Which aspect of Wallace do you like the most?” When pressed further for an answer, however, the actress clammed up and replied, “This [the repeated questioning] is very awkward for me.” Later, the actress also denied the rumours of the couple’s plans for co-habitation.

37-year-old Wallace had thanked the public for their well wishes in a separate statement on Saturday morning as well, saying, “Thank you for the well wishes, and staying by me throughout these years, everyone.”

Ruby and Wallace first worked together on the 2006 drama, Sound of Colours, and have remained fast friends since, with Ruby casting Wallace as the male lead for the 2011 drama, The Glamorous Imperial Concubine, which she both produced and starred in. Ruby was also rumoured to be in a relationship with Taiwanese actor-singer Jerry Yan earlier this year, which she denied.

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