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Ron Ng, Bosco Wong & Raymond Lam Reportedly Invited To Join 2nd Season Of Call Me By Fire

The show's producers reportedly hope the guys can form this year's “Greater Bay Area Brothers”.


Even before the first season of popular Chinese reality competition Call Me By Fire wrapped last November, there was already talk of the second installment, with netizens and stars putting together their own wishlist of participants.

Some of the poplar names thrown into the hat include Louis Koo and Hongkong Heavenly Kings Andy Lau and Aaron Kwok.

According to reports, the show, which features famous male stars competing to form a pop group, is slated to begin filming this month.

hile the lineup is not known, a “deluxe” list of rumoured contenders has been circulating online recently.

Jay Chou, Nicholas Tse and Hawick Lau have been linked to the show

Apart from big names like Mandopop King Jay Chou, who rarely participates in variety shows, Hongkong stars like Nicholas Tse, William Chan, Kenny Kwan, Hawick Lau, as well as BFFs Raymond Lam, Ron Ng and Bosco Wong have also been shortlisted to be 2022's “Greater Bay Area Brothers”.

In case you are not aware, the “Greater Bay Area Brothers”, a group that Hongkong stars Jordan ChanMichael TseJerry LambJulian Cheung, and Edmond Leung formed during the first season, was such a hit that they were given their own spin-off reality show Night In Then Greater Bay.

The OG "Greater Bay Area Brothers": (From left) Jordan Chan, Jerry Lamb, Edmond Leung, Michael Tse and Julian Cheung

Could Ron, Raymond and Bosco be the new "Greater Bay Area Brothers"?

While it would be great to see BFFs Ron, Bosco and Raymond on screen together again, it is not likely to happen.

According to reports, when Ron was invited to participate in Call Me By Fire, he had already accepted a role in a TVB cop drama, which begins filming this month.

Furthermore, the actor said previously that he would turn down overseas projects as he can’t bring himself to go through quarantine again.

Bosco, too, is said to be unable to make the show due to a scheduling conflict. So that leaves only Raymond free to take part.

Photos: Bosco Ng/Weibo, Jay Chou/Instagram, Ron Ng/Weibo, China Press, PBE Media, Night In The Greater Bay 



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