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Ron Ng, 42, Would Rather Make Less Money Than Go Through Quarantine Again

The fear of being in isolation is real for the Hongkong actor.


Some celebs thrive in quarantine. They use their time in isolation to catch up on their me-time and some even use the opportunity to make extra moolah.

Hongkong actor Ron Ng isn’t one of them. 

The 42-year-old had to undergo a 14-day quarantine when he went to Shenzhen to film shoot Brothers drama ICAC Attack last June and apparently the experience was so unbearable that he can't bring himself to go through it again. 

His biggest struggle? Having little to no human interaction for two weeks.

“I couldn't see anyone during those days,” said Ron during a promotional event for his upcoming movie Breakout Brothers 2.

“I tried asking the people who came to do the [swab] test for me every day to remove their masks and let me see their faces. They thought I was mentally unsound and were so afraid of me.”

No wonder he and his BFF and ICAC Attack co-star Bosco Ng went to great lengths to see each other during quarantine.

Ron with is ICAC Attack co-star Bosco Ng

Rather than put himself through self-isolation again, Ron has turned down overseas projects and remained in Hongkong, a move which has affected his bank account quite a bit, considering how handsomely stars are paid in China.

“Let's not bring up how much money I lost, I don't even dare to think about it. But quarantine life was really unbearable,” he said.

“But if the price is right, I don't mind being quarantined for 100 days,” he quipped.

He added that he has not been on a plane for almost two years and hopes that Hongkong will open its borders soon so he can travel again.

Photos: HK01, Sohu



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